June 20, 2007

Yellow is the new Pink

So I think my new fav color is yellow.

It’s so pretty:

Yellow Flowers
Random flowers

White and Yellow Flowers
More random flowers

Yellow Flowers
Even more random yellow flowers

Yellow Daylily


Yellow is also very tasty:
Bush Cucumbers

Zucchini (I’m hoping I don’t kill them this year like I did last year)

Tomato Flowers
Tomato (I can almost taste the deliciousness)

Although I still do love pink….
Pink Daylily


Pink Rose
Pink Roses

Also in garden news… I left this onion in from last year b/c it was doing so good that I couldn’t bear to rip it out…
Blooming Onion
Brings new meaning to the phrase “blooming onion” Totally didn’t even know they did that.

Yeah for it finally raining! And an even bigger Yeah for it clearing up and being so beautiful out for rowing tonight!

Tomorrow I promise either good knitting content or to tell you what it is I’m doing in August. Thanks for being so patient with my lack of blog reading and nearly content-less blogging lately… at least the fluff posts are pretty, right?


  1. your zucchini flower is wonderful! (the others are amazing too!) if you want to try a good recipe for your zucchini flower check foodtv.com or else just watch "giada in paradise, santorini." she learned a recipe using that looked so yummy with zucchini flowers!

  2. wow....are all those pictures from your yard? how lovely!

  3. The fluff post is gorgeous!! I'll look at pretty flowers any day. :)

  4. Well, after this post, I like yellow, too!

  5. That onion is really cool! Great pictures!

  6. Add another color to the list: your GREEN thumb. Your garden is doing great! That rain knocked down every growing thing in my yard. My own fault for not staking. :)

  7. yeah for super-pretty fluff posts : )
    your flowers and veggies look great - can't wait for some of that great salsa!!


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