July 26, 2007

Garden Pics and a Conversation

Ok so, here’s an actual conversation between me and Matt:

Matt: That scarf you made is pretty cool.

Me: I know! I can’t wait to spin up the red stuff…

Matt: ?

Me: You know the big basket of red fiber in the office…

Matt: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Me: How can you not have seen it? It’s the giant bowl of red soft…

Matt: Wait you mean in the studio? You have to get your room names right.

Me: Well sorry. I meant the room with all of the yarn.

Matt (incredulously): Room with all of the yarn? Every room of this house is part of your factory!

Me: No it’s not. You're exaggerating.

Matt: Let’s see. Basement – dying, Office – winding, Guest Room – blocking, Studio – spinning and storage, Living Room – covered in Knitting.

Me (after a pause): You’re really tolerant.

Apparently my “factory” has taken over the entire house. Really I’m more impressed that Matt knows what each step of the process is named… I also noticed that he didn’t mention Attic – storage. I don’t know if he quite understands the extent of my stash….

So yeah here’s some more pics of my garden. These were all taken this weekend before the rain started… which btw Yeah for the rain! We so needed it! Although workwise I’m semi-screwed b/c of it. I can’t exactly approve wet mortar samples…. Anyways…Flowers!

Morning Glory
Morning Glories - I grew these from Seed!


Peppers - we've been eating them nightly. Mmmm...

Tomatoes - I wish they'd turn red already!

Basil - mmmm pesto

Zinnea's - I grew these from seed, too!

Mystery Flower
I don't know what this is but I love it!

Mystery Flower
Giant flower bush thing.

Cone Flower
Coneflowers - they grow "wild" (meaning I don't weed over there) on the side of my house.

Mystery Flower
Don't know what this one is either but it's another wild flower.

Mystery Flower
Lily that I accidentally ripped out last year thinking it was a weed. What can I say. I'm learning.


  1. Those tomatoes are fine just like that - Pick those babies and fry 'em up! ;)

  2. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Your giant flower bush thing is called Rose of Sharon. We have them EVERYWHERE in our yard.

  3. You've trained him well. Keep up the good work :) The flowers are beautiful.

  4. OHH your flowers are gorgeous! I especially like the morning glories!

    How's your basil? Mine is looking really sad this year. Last year what i planted grew great, this year not so much!

    My hubby is pretty tolerant of the stash too! I don't think he really knows how much I havee either!

  5. I too so love my flowers this time of year - it makes the backyard so colorful...especially during these grey days!!

  6. mystery flower is by far my fave (don't get me wrong...it's all amazing and you are definitely going to have to teach me a thing or two about flowers and gardening next spring/summer when i have more time)...omg...that purple flower is gorgeous and is now brightening my desktop, so thanks for sharing!!

  7. I have yarn in every room, too!


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