July 12, 2007

One Skein of Glacier

So I’ve mentioned before that Cider Moon is my drug of choice… well check out all you can make from one little skein of Glacier in the colorway Asbury Park:

A pair of Instant Gratification Socks in a women’s size 6.5:
Instant Gratification Socks
Which are just plain old socks knit with 48 stitches on size 3 needles.

Stripes in a Baby Hat:
Baby Hat
The hat is knit out of Shine Sport and the Glacier – I cast on 88 stitches on size 4 needles, knit in K2P2 ribbing for about an inch, knit around until it was about 5.5 inches tall, then knit 6 K2tog to start the decreases, decreased every other round until the top. The stripes are 3 rows per stripe.

And a Cell Phone Cozy:
Cell Phone Cover
I cast on 32 stitches on size 4 needles, knit until it was just over 2” long and then grafted the bottom.

Not too shabby for one skein of yarn! They recently had the glacier on sale… and I ordered 2 more skeins of it….

One of "Pandora's Rose":
Pandora's Rose
Pandora's Rose

And one of "Lower Wacker Drive":
Lower Wacker Drive



  1. All of the projects looks great - I especially like the color combo in the hat. You sure got a lot of mileage out of that skein!

  2. marjorie12:49 PM

    Sometimes simple knits are really satisfying. I just washed a watch cap and scarf that I knit for my son out of charcoal Heilo. Both are k1, p1 ribs. But these items have held up beautifully for four years, and they look nice on him. The hat is from Charlene Schurch's hats book, and it was the first time I got the tubular cast on correct (great instrux in that book). So I still have a huge fondness for that project. To the untrained eye, it's just a plain hat, but to me it is an achievement.


  3. Yaay! You finished the hat! I've got to make myself a cel phone cozy one of these days! Too cute, and you already knew I love the color of the socks! Got to get me some of that cider moon!

    PS I am going to birds tonight!

  4. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Love the Lower Wacker Drive. I've got to get some myself! I've posted your blog prize yarn choices on my blog. Let me know your choice of yarn & jam, and e-mail me your address. I'll get the package in the mail as soon as the jam's jammed! tricia at rawnsley dot us

  5. the socks are so simple and lovely. i love pandora and lower wacker drive...can't wait to see how they knit up!

  6. Lovely knits! I *heart* that Pandora! Nice choices!!

  7. love the glacier and can't wait to see what you knit w/ the pandora's rose!

  8. What a fun 4th! Beautiful yarn.

  9. What pretty socks and hat! I haven't tried that yarn - it looks interesting!!

  10. No ooops! LOL You should see all the Cider Moon in my stash. It's my favorite, hands down.

  11. Hmm...maybe I should think more seriously about adding Cider Moon to my stash - yours knitted up beautifully!

  12. Those colors! So gorgeous!


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