August 7, 2007

And another list...

I think 2007 is just going to be known as the Summer of Lists especially since my participation in Summer of Socks went kersplat.

1.) Blossom was amazing. We were planning on going this weekend anyways and doing our usual lawn/picnic deal… well then Matt got tickets through his office. Apparently they are bigtime donors. So the tickets came with an invite to the “Leadership dinner” in the Night Grove which was a seriously swanky event complete with an open bar and mini cheesecake. Love me some mini cheesecake. As we were walking in Matt leans over and says “Um… I think we’re the riffraff.” And I was all “Yeah… we’re clearly the youngest and poorest people here.” But sitting in the pavilion was pretty cool:
I’d never done that before.

2.) Big shout-out to the North Coast Knitting Guild! At Blossom I wore my Adamas and a very nice lady came up to me and asked if I knit it… and then invited me to join her guild. Too bad they are so far away or I might take her up on it!

3.) I really, really, really, really, really need a vacation. And I’m still 3 weeks and 3 days away. Seriously if I have to endure any more office small talk I’m going to go postal. You live in Cleveland, people. It’s hot here in the summer. This shouldn’t be a surprise. And you know what? We’re in the middle of a drought. Rain is good. And if you hate commuting so much live closer to downtown. It’s not that hard. I guess people just need to have something to bitch about. It’s really getting to me lately, though. Especially pre-coffee.

4.) Fantasy football related email conversation that happened between me and Matt and his brother bought to you by the magic of copy/paste:

Matt: Hey, Let us know what is going on with you this weekend. It’s getting pretty crazy up here. There’s at least 6 up to 10+ coming depending on your entourage. Jeanne and Andy ordered up a couple extra sweet shirts to be bought if you want one. Hope to see you this weekend!
PS. Tomlin made a nice debut last night.

Me: It's going to be funtimes... and the shirts are waaay sweet. So if i can I should pick Tomlin for my fantasy team?

Matt: Hehehe I love it! Yes Jeanne I think you should definitely pick up Mike Tomlin around the third or fourth round; he plays HC.

Me: What’s HC?

Matt’s Bro: Haha, can we please watch the women draft?? It would be joyous! j/k Tomlin is the new Steeler coach, so no, you can’t draft him

Right. Perhaps I should do a little more research instead of always getting distracted by my Avatar…. Eh.

5.) Morning Glories are quickly becoming my fav. flower ever:
morning glory
back garden

In other gardening news – I finally grew a zucchini! Last year I got none of those…

homegrown veggies
Also the peppers are doing awesome. I especially like the purple ones:
purple pepper

6.) Purl 3tog through the back loop is the spawn of Satan. Not of Oprah but of the actual Prince of Darkness. It’s awful. So my Sahara didn’t get much attention this weekend…and therefore I have no pics of my decision on the bling… Instead I've spent any and all crafting time here:
my spinning spot
Sorry for the extremely sucky picture – it was dark out this morning when I took it (yeah rain! Soak my tomatoes and water my flowers!) – but if you click on it it links through to Flickr where I added cute little descriptions of everything….

I’m almost done with the white fleece:
second handspun
And then I can spin the fire.


  1. Love the Morning Glory pics!! Gorgeous!

  2. That is a beautiful photo of the morning glory! I like the dew drops too.

  3. UGH! OK, so you SERIOUSLY need to get one of the Fantasy Football magazines and then do a 'mock' team with your hubby and his bro.

    The first year I did Fantasy football, my hubby was kind of "patronizing" at times and a bit like your conversation above when I asked questions. . . . . then I won the superbowl for the league!

    Woo hoo! You get em girl!

    Remember the by week thing though. Oooh, you should throw that out to them when you talk FF. . . something like "yeah, I wanted to draft so and so but he had the same by week as so and so and I would end up short that week so I decided to go with such and such instead". You'll probably freak them out with that since they won't think you would have thought of that kind of stuff.

  4. great pic of the morning glories!

    hey - tell that knitting nurse to stop giving you pointers lol j/k

    ps - i'm scared to death of this ff thing.. i think i'm going to the most clueless of the bunch! oh well - looking forward to the funtimes! : )

  5. The morning glories are so pretty! I remember when I was little, my mom used to grow zuchinni's the size of baseball bats! crazy!
    Good luck with FF, you got to go buy a magazine at Barnes and NOble or something. My hubyy always does!

  6. You are so funny!! Yeah, nothing like a little lame office small talk to make you want to stick a needle in your eye...

  7. Your flowers look fantastic. I love the way the morning glories climb up.

  8. Very cool spinning!

  9. Very nice pics. Congrats on your garden - everything looks wonderful. Fabulous spinning btw. :)

  10. What a great list. Love how you bitch about the bitchers in your office :-) Perfect.

    Purple peppers are beautiful, I have never seen them before. Do they taste the same?

    And the morning glories are gorgeous.


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