August 16, 2007

My new boyfriend

I think I might love spinning.
Spun Shetland Wool

Like crazy-mad-obsessive new love:
Spun Shetland Wool

And like most silly girls with new boyfriends I want to spend all of my time with the spinning:
Spun Shetland Wool
And I don’t care.

Because I’ve now spun almost everything in my house:
Spun Shetland Wool
That would be approximately 92 yards (it started as 5 oz) of Shetland Wool from Blackberry Farm that I got at the Great Lakes Fiber Festival spun and plyed. Next time I need to add more twist to the singles so they don’t unspin so much when I ply it. I’m learning.

Spun Shetland Wool
Spun Shetland Wool

So all that’s left for me to spin now is the fire:
space dyed superwash roving
And something tells me that the only thing more fun than spinning is going to be spinning with color.

In other news – Our Football Draft this past Sunday was serious funtimes. My team (in case you care) is:

Drew Brees – QB – New Orleans
Reggie Wayne – WR – Indiana
Anquan Boldin – WR – Arizona
Willie Parker – RB – Pittsburgh
Ahman Green – RB – Houston
Heath Miller – TE – Pittsburgh
Chris Chambers – WR – Miami
Chester Tayler – RB – Minnesota
DeShaun Foster – RB – Carolina
Alex Smith – QB – San Francisco
Issac Bruce – WR – Saint Louis
Kevin Jones – RB – Detroit
Neil Rackers – K – Arizona
Baltimore – Defense (I feel kindof dirty for picking them... but they are ranked second and you gotta do what you gotta do)

My kicker even has his very own Fantasy commercial!

How bad-assed is that?!


  1. The handspun looks great! hehe... you'll know exactly how to get everything you want out of your spinning in no time. :)

    And heaven forbid, if you should run out of fiber, I could always point you in the direction of many, many online... ;)

  2. It's still too hot for me to spin - fiber felts in my hand before I can get it drafted. :(

    Don't know when my league will be having its draft. Soon - must be Soon.

  3. OHH your yarn looks so pretty! What a nice job you are doing on it! I bety ou can hardly wait to spin the red! OHHHH

  4. Could you people STOP with the spinning posts? I am trying very hard not to get sucked into a new craft and all these "look at my pretty wheel...look at my pretty handspun!" posts are killing me.


    Seriously, that is good stuff. Mittens. I see mittens.

  5. Your spun yarn looks beautiful. Have fun spending all yout time with your new love!

  6. Kick ass team! And glad you have a new love...

  7. Is your old boyfriend very jealous? And I mean knitting by old boyfriend...

  8. the spinning looks great, although i think i will leave that part of the craft to you...jason would kill me if i started up something like that lol

    oh yeah, and woohoo for ff - thanks for hosting a great draft party...def funtimes : )

  9. New BF has smokin' "hair".

  10. Anonymous1:15 AM

    The shetland looks wonderful. And you're going to love spinning the colored fiber, can't wait to see how it comes out.

  11. It's great that you're having so much fun with your spinning. The yarn looks great, too. Have fun with the color! It's hot!

  12. Your spinning looks awesome! I'm so jealous of the wheel.

  13. Are you going to the Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs? You might need to go, if you're running out of fiber. :)


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