August 2, 2007

Randomness and Family before Knitting

Right so I was so good with the blogging for a week there. Oh well. This week has been all family all the time with a healthy dose of randomness thrown in. How about a list:

1.) Last weekend we went to Bay Point where my Grandma Bobbie has had a place for years (since waaaay before the fancy-schmancy website). Playing in the giant Lake Erie northeasterly waves is just as much fun at 27 as it was at 7. Possibly even more fun. So is playing around on the beach:
bay point

As is admiring the view of Cedar Point:
bay point
photos thanks to my dad

Also there is a yarn store in Marblehead that looked pretty good… I’ll have to go back sometime and check it out for real.

2.) Matt’s parents were in town this week passing through on their trip across the country. They just retired and are spending some time traveling before moving to North Carolina… It was really good to see them although I have to say that being around that many beautiful travel photos is dangerous. Now I really, really want to go to Crater Lake:

photo courtesy of here

How long until I can retire?

3.) I am the commissioner of a Fantasy football team. WTF? Yup. Last year in a stroke of pure genius (after listening to our significant others talk football for like 48 hours straight) Alyson and I decided that we needed our own fantasy league. It’s going to be awesome. We have 3 rules – you must be a chick, you can never have played fantasy before, and most importantly your husband/boyfriend cannot help you. I don’t really even know what a tightend is at this point let alone the names of any players or any of that… but neither do my opponents. So far we're way more fascinated by the Avatars than by researching players.

Do you guys know anything about fantasy football?

4.) We (meaning my bro and husband) have recently rediscovered Fireball Island. Remember that game? In case you forgot (or you're not a child of the '80's) here’s the commercial for it from back in the day (dude I figured out how to link from youtube! Awesome!):

Aaaah childhood.

5.) Anyone want to come on a Pub Crawl? My brother is organizing the 1st annual Ohio City – Tremont Pub Crawl for Saturday, August 11. We’re going to 10 different bars between the two regions starting at the Garage Bar and ending at The Flying Monkey. It’s going to be way fun. Way fun. We even had t-shirts made. Let me know if you want to come and I’ll send more details!

6.) 4 years ago today Matt proposed. This weekend we’re celebrating this the way we always do – by going back to the scene of the crime to enjoy a nice evening picnic. Not really an anniversary most people celebrate but it gives us a reason to get out there once a year. Crazy to think it was that long ago…

7.) Knitting has come to a halt around here. Tonight, though, I have a hot date with my Sahara. Thank you so much for all of your opinions and input! You guys are the best. I totally know what I want to do now. Lots more on that tomorrow after I actually do it.

8.) Yesterday on the way home I met another very nice knitter on the bus…. And I broke my #1 Rule (never, ever talk to anyone on the bus ever). It was a guy knitter which is rare to see out in the wild, and I had to know what the yarn he was using was. It was beautiful and tiny and very clearly being made into a sweater of some sort. (this was the yarn) It turns out his wife is a knitter too…to which I totally blurted out “wait, what? how do you keep your yarn separate?!” Apparently they don’t. I love my husband but I don’t think either of us could handle the type of marital discord that having to share my stash would cause.

9.) 4 weeks and 1 day. August might just be the longest month ever.


  1. PHEW sounds like a busy week! What did you decide to do with your sahara?

  2. Great post. Love the shot of Cedar Point. How fun!

    Yeah for a chicks Fantasy Football league! I've been in a FF league for 4 years or I would join you. . . .well, that and the fact that I'm in NC. . . .

    My hubby knitting? All existence would cease immediately.

  3. So could I join your football league? Er, I have no idea what you do but I have a friend who loves it. The pub crawl sounds like a blast.

  4. That Crater Lake picture is beautiful! It looks like the Italian island of Capri and it is nice to know we have such beauty right here in the U.S.

    I know NOTHING about fantasy football or regular football. I have a friend (female) who absolutely loves it though. DH played for many years but now doesn't as the commissioner dropped out. Good luck with that!!

  5. Oh man, that pub crawl sounds like so much fun. I wish I lived nearby!

  6. I like all your updates! Happy engagement anniversary!

  7. Oh, Cedar Point, I love that place. Happy summer!

  8. You have been doing a lot lately!

    Your beach pictures look so fun.

    I would never be able to share my stash with my husband, would drive me crazy!

  9. Sounds like you've been busy with lots of great summer stuff. Heck, the blog can wait until it's cold and wintery!!! Yeah, I can't see me ever sharing my stash with my DH either. Nope, it's all mine!!

  10. marjorie8:27 AM

    I don't think I'd be able to sit silently either if I saw a male knitter on public transportation. I could imagine what life would be like if my husband knit (and it wouldn't be pretty). My husband does cook, and we have "his and hers" pots and utensils. I could just extrapolate from this to "his and hers" needles, boxes of yarn, patterns. I doubt if someone could fit through our front door if he ever took up knitting. But that guy's yarn is gorgeous.


  11. So, I had to comment again b/c I was just reading Lolly's blog ( ) and . . . . .


    What a small world we live in, huh? You and she would get along famously! You should check her out.

  12. Hey, Jeanne -- Robin hipped me to your blog.

    I am the female commissioner of an (otherwise) all-male fantasy football team and have been for several years.

    Should you need help, support, a shoulder to cry on... please feel free to get 'hold of me.

    Meanwhile, I'm going to go read your blog. After all, you mention yarn AND fantasy football. It's gotta be good.

  13. can't wait for our draft party - i'm so clueless about the fantasy football thing that i definitely fit into the rules lol

    hoping to make it for the pub crawl, but things have been insane. if i can, i will call you. otherwise, see you on the 12th!!


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