October 9, 2007

And... Boom Goes the Dynamite.

The Indians are going to the ALCS!!!!

We did have tickets to the game on Wed. if they had gone to a game 5... but beating the Yankees in New York? So very worth missing out on our playoff tickets:

Suck it, Yankees


  1. Annie6:22 AM


  2. I'll second that "woo-hoooo"!

    Holy crap, I about had a coronary in the 9th inning when Abreu hit that homer.

    Bring it on, Red Sux! I mean, Red Sox!

  3. Woo-hoo! You crack me up with your sports mania :) You better never move to Chicago as you would be my husband's perfect replacement wife!

  4. I am not even sure whether I should describe the flag waving, chief wahoo screaming, the nail bitting, and eventual voice loss that occurred in the past 4 games... my neighbours must think my husband is insane!! :-)


  5. Did you hear me screaming all the way from down here? Dude! I was so stoked last night, I could hardly sleep.

    Woo Hoo!

    This is OUR YEAR BABY!!!!


  6. Yay Indians! Beat those Sox!

  7. WWWWAAAAAHHHOOOOOOOOO Go Tribe! I just think that beating them in New York was so Awesome! My hubby hd tickets for tomorrow night too!

    Doyou think it was our knitting way back when that caused them to get this far?!?!

  8. Lori on Little Traverse Bay8:52 PM

    Go Tribe! If the Tigers can't be there, then let it be the team of my youth---the Indians! Waitin' for tomorrow's game against the Sox and I'll be knitting my Jaywalkers while rootin' for a win! (If only they were in the Indians colorway!) (Grady Sizemore is the Curtis Granderson of the Indians, ha! ha!)

  9. My Cleveland-native husband and I were watching all the games, and are psyched. More tonight!


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