October 1, 2007

Dirty little secrets and my knitting spot.

So my plan is simple. While I’m blogging Peru and before I can touch the yarn I bought in Peru (you’ll see it in the next post which is taking for-ev-er to put together. We took a crazy amount of pictures in Cusco.), I’ve decided that I must clean out the Basket.

See the knitting at used to take over our house. Ok honestly it still does take over… but Matt used to get really annoyed about finding it everywhere (mainly on his side of the couch. He’s very territorial about the couch). But you all know how it is. The knitting does not want to be contained. It wants to roam free and multiply… But to keep my husband happy and our house organized I solved the problem with this:
The Knitting Basket
The deal is that if Matt finds the knitting anywhere it’s not supposed to be (his side of the couch, kitchen table, on the stairs, all over the coffee table, on top of the microwave, on the computer chair, on the keyboard, etc.), or anywhere he doesn’t want it to be he can put it in the Basket. Totally a fair deal. I’ve also somewhat trained myself to put things I’m not working on at that moment into the Basket. Things I’m currently knitting (current is relative. The Basket is technically all “current”) usually live here:
My Knitting Spot
On top of the couch cushion next to my couch spot. It’s not super neat but at least that way there is no threat of sitting on a needle and I don’t have to get up to reach my current/current project. Anyways the combo of the Basket overflowing onto the floor, not having anywhere to put my new pretty, and the thought that I should probably finish things before I start something new… well…

Let the excavation begin!
Knitting Basket
The top bag was filled with this:
Charity Knitting
Which is just yarn for knitting charity hats. That’s a totally acceptable thing to have in the Basket and doesn’t really count as something to finish up since it’s just ongoing (don’t really even usually blog about those). But in the bottom of that bag I also found a

Steelers Newborn Hat:
Steelers Hat
I completely and totally forgot about this. I knit this in an afternoon a few months ago for my husband’s childhood friend who is currently pregnant (actually, by now, she might have already had the baby). I just need to buy a card and send it.

Details Sock:
Details Sock
Ok this one is so very close to being done I’m not sure what my problem is. I finished it the first day we got back, but couldn’t sew up the toe b/c my tapestry needle was taken away from me in the Lima airport (Seriously. Like I’m going to cause any damage with a tapestry needle). Well I stole a needle from my mom and went to sew up the toe and realized that somehow it wasn’t centered…probably b/c I was half asleep and jetlagged while I was knitting it. So I need to rip it out the toe and reknit it. Not that big of a deal and yet it’s over 2 weeks later and I haven’t touched it.

Knitting Basket
Boo. Boooooo. I love the body of sweater. It fits great and is so pretty and shiny. But the arms… Booo. I have to figure out how to knit the sleeve so that it doesn’t gape at the armhole, knit it, and then rip out and reknit the bad sleeve. It’s probably not all of that much work but it just sounds so unfun.

Here and There Cables Scarf:
Here and There Cables Scarf
Here and There Cables Scarf
Oooh. This one is baaaad. It’s been in The Basket untouched since… (checks the blog)… March 1st. I love this scarf I just got bored of it. And I also want to knit a hat that matches.

Ok the next thing I can see is the Britt killing sweater and I’m not quite ready to unearth that yet…

Knitting Basket

Apparently I have issues with follow through….
Bets on if I can hold off and actually finish something without casting on for something new? Especially since there has been talk of a Thrummed Mittens Knit Along?
I wouldn’t take that bet if I were you.


  1. Yes, my knitting is everywhere, I even found a dpn in the bathroom yesterday!!

  2. OH NO WAY! You are going to start a mitten KAL but are snuffing the secret of the stole?

    What's with that?

  3. Hee It makes me feel better that I have several UFOs too, probably (ok definitely)more than you! I hide mine in other spots and forget about them till cleaning! I swore I wasn't going to start anything till the textured tunic was done...but now SexyKnitters is doing the tree jacket...the yarn has jumped out at me......

  4. Poor poor yarn, having to live in a basket instead of being allowed to roam free!

    Great pictures!

  5. Anonymous11:45 PM

    haha! I have a WHOLE ROOM where my projects can breathe and wander. :) And a thrummed mitten knit along? Where???

  6. ooh... vacation stash enhancement?? Isn't that the best??

    I love how the Sahara looks with the beads. I hope you can make it work!

  7. Puppy reminds me of Eddie from Frasier. Can't wait to see what you got! My WIPS did look like that... I'm "knitting as fast as I can". Speaking of which. The warm winter ribbed hat pattern can be found here:http://www.mindseyeyarns.com/resources/patterns/warm_ribbed_winter_hat.htm

  8. No tapestry needles in planes? I didn't realize that. What evil could someone possibly do with a tapestry needle?

    I love the cables scarf and the beaded sweater looks good too. Could you simply adjust the easing to have less sleeve in the area that is gapping and more where it doesn't matter?

    My husband's pet peeve is the knitting all over our ironing board. He will occasionally iron, but now that it is covered with bits of two projects (and has been for months), it is impossible. I keep threatening to tidy it up, but I have no other place where I can keep pieces flat when I'm not working on them.

  9. Ack! I've been waiting for a picture of the doggie! Cute!

    It's a bad knitting habit of mine, too, to put something down when I get to a disappointing spot in fit or pattern. Whereupon it disappears into a crevice somewhere.

  10. Wow. I'm impressed that you can fit all of your current UFOs in one basket. I don't think I could do that.

    What yarn are you using in the Here and There Cables Scarf? It's really pretty.

  11. My knitting takes over the couch too. But then again, so do my baskets! (BIG Longaberger collection at my house... LOL) Not taking that bet, that's for sure.

  12. I like the basket idea. Since I'm alone, my knitting truly roams everywhere.

  13. i have one of those baskets in my living room, too, although jason isn't allowed to touch the knitting, so anything in there is of my doing.

    your pics are amazing, by the way - can't wait to see this fancy new camera!


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