October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

So the Halloween celebrations have been going on for awhile over here… they started last week with a High Class/White Trash party. Which is just a party where you dress as either of those two things – a pretty hilarious idea. We were going to go as white trash – I even bought a bright yellow t-shirt with an airbrushed eagle on it from the thrift store – but Matt didn’t find anything good. So instead he put on his most “conservative” clothes all at once and parted his hair. He looked like some sortof super-old school politician! So clearly he needed a “friend”. I dug out an old formal dress and added much rhinestones/jewelry as I possibly could:

All night Matt introduced us as “I’m Senator Matthew and this is my ‘associate’ (wink) Jeanne.” Heh.
High Class / White Trash Party
The fur is actually my grandma’s that she passed down to me. I haven’t really had any opportunity to wear it – we don’t really get that dressed up often – so it was fun to actually have a chance to use it!

Some other randomness from the night:

Andy and Carolyn as White Trash (as Matt put it – Andy looks like Cabellas!)

High Class / White Trash Party

Jill and Matt as White Trash (the stuffed belly was hilarious, she kept saying things like “baby needs some liquor” and resting her PBR on it. Oh and telling people that she was going to name it “Gundarena LeBron” Nice.)

Random group shot

High Class / White Trash Party
View from the apartment we were at


The Saturday night everyone was just going out to the typical haunts on W25th for their costume parties. Matt and I had to throw something together at the last minute because Sat, day was spent buying something very large (more on that later). So we went as demons with pieces leftover from costumes past (cape was from a vampire costume, feather boa and red fishnets were from when I was part of the 7 deadly sins – I was ‘wrath’) with the addition of horns and a pitchfork:

Not too shabby for being thrown together an hour before the party! Really, though it’s Matt’s scary look that makes it:


Andy and Carolyn had pretty awesome costumes, too:

What little kid didn’t want glow-in-the-dark dinosaur footie pajamas and an ALF doll back in the day?

There was also a Cleopatra and a Little Red Riding Hood in our group:

Seriously, Matt with the freaky eyes!

I just like this picture
And many, many other impressive costumes all around:
Halloween at the Garage Bar
Walter from The Big Lebowski

Halloween at the Garage Bar
Me with the “special box” guys. Gee I wonder if I’m sober in this picture. Wow.

And the Garage Bar’s new fire tent thing is pretty sweet, too:
Halloween at the Garage Bar
Then on Sunday we drove to Beaver, PA to see some of Matt’s family. His great-uncle helps to run/organize/everything the Beaver Area Historical Museum:
Which was really cool…

And tonight we’re having a couple people over for our third annual “passing out candy” get-together. We live on a very main road so I think last year we had like 2 kids come by. And they were our neighbor’s grandkids. It was pretty sad…

And then this weekend we’re off to the DC area to visit some college friends. But despite all of the crazeeee for the first time in a long time our house is clean, we have groceries, and all laundry is put away at the same time. It’s like the trifecta of adulthood.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Great costumes! Happy Halloween to you too.

  2. Too funny! Happy Halloween!

  3. Love the costume pictures. I have a mink stole that was my Grandmother's, and I've brought it out for Halloween a few times. Looks like you guys had a very fun Halloween.

    The picture of the view of the Cleveland skyline is fabulous. What a view. Thanks for sharing.

  4. How fun!!! I especially love the High Class / White Trash party idea. I'll have to remember that one!

  5. What a fun halloween! The high class/white trash combo is awesome.

  6. Happy Halloween! What fun - High Class/White Trash. And ALF! "No problem!"

  7. How fabulously chic you two look!!! :-) Sounds like super-fun!!!

  8. where did that guy get those dinosaur pajamas. who made them??


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