November 2, 2007

Fiber buzz

So you know when you’re on a diet and you’re soooo good and you don’t cheat even a little bit but then you’re stressed or frustrated or whatever so you eat an entire bag of kit-kat mini’s in one sitting? And while you’re buzzing from the sugar high you realize that it probably would have been better to eat them one at a time over the course of a few months instead of trying to depriving yourself of everything that is good in the world?

Halloween Candy
New Yarn
Yeah apparently knitting works the same way.

I was being so good! I hadn’t bought anything knitting related since Cusco! That was like over 2 months ago… and I needed one little skein to finish the hat I started and well…
New yarn
All of this is new.

It’s the fiber equivalent of a family-sized bag.

In my defense I really did need one skein of Malabrigio to finish this hat:
Irish Hiking Hat

The second skein for matching mittens wasn’t really necessary, though.

And this other Malabrigo is for a Christmas gift (I’m only knitting one gift this year. Last year I went a little overboard so this year I’m not doing anything all. I think an every other year plan for handknit gifts is more than acceptable. Plus if I'm not crafting like a crazy woman maybe I'll actually send out cards):
New Malabrigo

Christmas gifts are totally justifiable… and I’m really liking how it knits up:
Irish Hiking Scarf

Irish Hiking Scarf Pattern – I wasn’t sure I’d like the variegated with the cables but it kindof works:
Irish Hiking Scarf

The rest I have no excuse for.
New Yarn
4 skeins of Cacade Heathers for a Back to School U-Neck.
Cascade 220 Heathers
I needed $15 more for the free shipping and I’m just that easy.

Oh and did I mention that one of the places I'm going this weekend is to Stitch DC? My friend wants me to help her refresh her memory on the whole knitting thing. No chance of me buying any more yarn there, right? Heh.


  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    yeah, you're right, no yarn buying in DC! LOLOLOL Good luck on that one girlie. But I do love your new yarn purchases, great colors!

  2. You totally binged on yarn! ;) The pictures of the Reeses and KitKats made my mouth water.

  3. Yeah but vacation yarn doesn't count right?!?!

  4. Sometimes a knitter's gotta buy what a knitter's gotta buy. :) I completely understand.

  5. Oooh love your yarn high! And love your blog too! Caught you over there at Fall Cable KAL! :o)

  6. Dang! I should of come over to your house for trick or treat... Reeses and Yarn. :)

  7. Love. A. Good. Fiber. Buzz.

    I'm just sayin'!

  8. Love that yarn! I've been able to resist Halloween candy and yarn (for the moment), but I've indulged in new needles (the wooden circulars from Knit Picks) and some new knitting books. If it isn't one thing it's another.

  9. Yum on the candy, yarn and knits!

  10. Holy crap, could you pick any more tempting candy???? Reese's anything are my weakness.

  11. you are so damn funny! I agree with your every-other-year formula for hand knitted gifts!!

  12. At least they weren't candy!
    I like how the yarn works in the scarf.


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