November 28, 2007

Ghetto Lightbox Fun

So I don’t usually so Work in Progress Wednesday but while I had the “lightbox” set up I took some pics of what was handy… here’s what I’ve been working on lately:

Mmmmmmalabrigo Irish Hiking Scarf:
Irish Hiking Scarf
About half way done. Love it.

Back to School U-neck:
Back to School U-Neck
So not done in time for Thanksgiving. Not even close. The front has been re-done, though and it fits. I love me some short row bust darts – those plus the vertical ones incorporated in the pattern and my boobs have a very custom made home.

Swirl Socks:
Swirl Socks
Swirl Socks
These have been my traveling sock for a while now. I cast on for them back on our mini-vaca to Detroit in July. Since we (finally) have no travel plans for awhile – until January at least – I’ve bumped them up to my daily bus knitting.

In other knitting related news - tonight I’m teaching my brother’s girlfriend how to knit! I don’t think he’s super-thrilled about it but we don’t care. He’ll realize how awesome it is to have a knitter for a significant other once she bribes him with some new handknits. Andy really appreciates the handknits:

I reused that photo from this post waaaaay back in Dec. 2005.

And also - I just wanted to give a shout out to Detroit. It rules. And not just because Kristin lives there. Like Cleveland and Pittsburgh and Milwaukee and many others it's a wonderful and interesting city with an unnecessarily bad rap. I hate it when people (or "studies") judge a city by reputation and not by actually going there and experiencing it. Yeah for the Rust Belt!!!


  1. Wow, you guys definitely have some family resemblance! I love the knits, especially the swirl socks. I think I have to go make them right now. . .

  2. Great WIPs! And I am luvin' the swirl socks.

    Oh my....does the vest have lots of short rows in them?? I plan to make mine soon.

    LOL @ your very own custom home :oD

    YAH!! For future SIL learning to knit!!

    Shout out to Racine, WI!! :oD (where I am from)

  3. Great WIPs. My favorite is the Swirl Socks - they are so cool!! Hope the knitting lesson was a lot of fun. :)

  4. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Oh, between this new Malabrigo scarf and the other recent Malabrigo entries I'm lusting after some! Looks wonderful.

  5. I really like the way those bust darts are working out. It is something I should have tried and never did.

  6. Anonymous1:25 PM

    OH and I meant to ask you about your lightbox. Is it a homemade one? I just won one on eBay for a whopping $3.25 w/free shipping should be here tomorrow. We'll see if I got ripped off (although it is only $3.25!)

  7. All the WiPs look great but I really can't wait to see th back-to-school u-neck!

  8. Wow, I lovee the colours in those Swirl socks!!

  9. Love those Swirl socks especially, what a great color combo.

  10. yummo on the malabrigo...that stuff is heavenly and i still haven't bought any for myself...gotta get me some of that!


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