November 9, 2007

Sweet Corn

Ok I didn’t have time (once again) to finish a Peru post this week. So how about a completely random memory from the trip?

In Chinchero (town outside of Cusco that I’m just about finished with the actual post about) Matt bought this crazy corn:
Big corn
It had GIANT kernels. Like as big as a dime kernels. Well later in the trip our guide for the Inca Trail was telling us about how we were there at the wrong time of the year for corn. That in February their sweet corn is in season and that it is amazing. That we’ve never tasted corn so sweet or so wonderful.

My response? “I’m from Ohio. Believe me I know sweet corn.”

So then we had a big long conversation about sweet corn and whose was better and how I so wanted to try Peruvian sweet corn and how he so wanted to try Ohio sweet corn. And how weird it was to him that our corn was in season now (early Sept.) and how I was bummed I was missing sweet corn season this year and how strange it would be to eat it in February.

It's really the little similarities and differences that are the most interesting.

Anyways I’ll try to finish up the full-on post tomorrow – since we'll actually be in town this weekend for the first time in forever...

Have a great Friday!
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