December 12, 2007

Fiber optic holiness indicators

So the one two punch of work crazy / holiday crazy means this will be a bit random… but in an attempt to keep things amusing I have to show you my latest WTF internet moment – the Celebrity Wax Nativity:

Because clearly the Beckhams are the holiest of the celebrity families.


I can sortof understand what they were going for with the Three “Wise” Men:

But for the shepherds I’m at a total loss:

Snakes on a Nativity?

There’s more fun with nativities here (thanks Shayne!).

Oh yeah and there is a good chance of finishing the mittens in time but I’m not really sure I want to gift them… I’m just not feeling them as much as the hat:
We’ll see what they look like when they are done… I still have to make them flip tops (the red stripe comes out and becomes where the mitten flips open).
And find acceptable buttons. Btw the button selection at JoAnne’s sucks alot. Anyone have any other suggestions?

The weekends continue to be crazy fun:

Steve's 30thSteve rockin’ out his 30th birthday crown while being roasted by his mom.

Steve's 30th
Some b-day karaoke.

Aren’t they cute!

I was flying solo because Matt was at a Silverchair concert w/ his brother. Because apparently it’s 1996. Loved them in ’96. The guys joined up with us later and had to play a little catch up:
Steve's 30th
Seems like such a bad plan…

Matt, my bro, and his bro all happy at the end of the night.

And that’s about all I got.

Oh wait – one more thing – Next Friday (Dec. 21) we’re organizing the first annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Pubcrawl. If you’re in town and want to join us let me know!


  1. Hey which joann's did you try? The one in North Olmstead has more than most other JoAnn's (still not fab but better)The button selection around here does totally suck! Let me know if you get any good local choices!!

    The mittens are cute! I bought a skien of the shetland chunky for a hat too!

  2. I love the mittens! Definitely include them with the hat. Try your LYS for buttons.

  3. The buttons at the Joann in University Heights are ok. Not great, but heh. I like that Joann the best. I got some great buttons off of if you have time to wait for them to ship.

  4. i love the mittens and can't wait to see them when they are flip-topped!

    the nativity celebs are just weird...and creepy lol

    have fun on the pub crawl...can't wait to see the pics of that one!

  5. *echoing* Luv your mitts too! :oD
    And u have way too much fun in the Big Cleve!! ;op

  6. Anonymous8:38 AM

    FinePoints on Larchmere usually has some great buttons. What about River Colors in Rocky River? Haven't looked at buttons there for a while.

    Think the hat and mittens are great!

    Possibility that I could make the ugly sweater pubcrawl if open to others, although in a frenzy of cleaning, got rid of a lot of my ugly and ill-fitting garments.

  7. OK, that Beckham-wax-nativity set just made me laugh out loud! It's kinda sacriligious in a way, right? Posh Spice looking all demure and holy? LOL.

    You look like you have a great group of friends and you all do it up right on the weekends! How cool! We used to have a whole group of friends like that about 5 years ago but everyone is all boring now.

  8. I like the mittens. Flip-top mittens are impressive.

    I have a serious button finding problem too. My LYS has a horrible button selection. And I hate ordering them online.

    Silverchair!!!!!! I was in loooove with Daniel from Silverchair. I even dated a boy because he had Daniel Silverchair hair.

  9. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Mitts turned out really cute. The 3 wise waxmen made me laugh. Don't know which spice girl is more scarier... Vicki gives those looks that kill. Doesn't smile either what's up with that?!

  10. The mittens look great. There are a lot of nice online options for buttons. A store in NYC that everyone likes for notions is M&J Trimmings (this is the button link:

    I have also gotten buttons to go with projects at Morehouse Farms ( If you want a natural style button, the antler style is really nice.

    For glass buttons (even those that are custom made), try Moving Mud (

    I've bought from all three in person (Moving Mud comes to fiber fairs). I've ordered yarn and buttons online at Morehouse Farms, and the service is excellent.

  11. The wax David Beckham is so scary! That whole nativity is wrong on so many levels.

  12. Anonymous11:17 AM

    The wax people are kinda creepy! Just stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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