December 7, 2007

Well, Crap.

So last night I went out to pick up the yarn I needed to make flip top mittens to match the hat. (Thanks for all of the suggestions and compliments, guys!) Well when I originally bought the yarn there was a big, full to overflowing bin of it there. So I only bought what I needed for the hat b/c I wasn’t sure of the mittens yet. Plus I’m SO not capable of returning yarn and I didn’t want to end up with extra in the name of keeping this stash thing under control.

Turns out that was a bad, bad plan. All Michaels had was this:
Patons Shetland Chunky
Same yarn, different color. Crap.

Booo! Hiss! Scowl! It totally serves me right, though. Trying to be all conservative and responsible with the yarn spending. Silly me. The knitting gods love excess and will punish those that skimp on yardage.

I should know better by now.

The people at the store were very nice to the crazy lady looking frantically for yarn – they let me use their phone and yellowpages to do some recon. Yeah. No store in Northeast Ohio has this yarn in this color. And unless I had flux capacitor buying it online wouldn’t leave me with enough time to get them knit by Saturday. So I bought 3 skeins of the closest thing I could:
Patons Shetland Chunky
The blues are the same exact shade – it’s just that the hat yarn is darker. At least that’s something.

My options at this point are:

A.) Give up the dream of mittens and buy a candle or chocolates or something.

B.) Make mittens in the light yarn. They sortof match right?

C.) Make mittens and a hat out of the light yarn. It’s not the color I wanted but it’s not a bad color… although getting all of that done in a week is - Ambitious. Possibly crazy-making.

D.) Make mittens in the light yarn with a few stripes of the darker color - I have a little bit of it left so I could definitely pull off stripes – but I’m not liking this so much. I know if stripes really go with my setup here.

E.) Make mittens with seed stitch cuffs in the dark and the body in the light. I possibly don’t have enough of the dark yarn left to do this (dare I tempt the knitting gods twice in one project?) but I think I like this option the best so far. They would look something like this:
Patons Shetland Chunky
Ok. What do you guys think?


  1. Mindy2:09 PM

    I like the seed stitch cuff idea if you have enough to make it. My first thought, before reading your choices, was to incorporate some of the dark color into the cuff.

  2. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Yep, I vote for seed stitch cuffs also if you can pull it off. That's about the best option if you have to have these done by Saturday (tomorrow????)

  3. Option D or E. I'm partial to stripes, but I think the seed stitch cuff would probably go a little bit better. Most importantly, don't freak out! :)

  4. I like the idea of not being to matchy matchy anyways. I say go for the mittens in the lighter color with a seed stitch cuff.

  5. andi hooked on string6:41 PM

    F. Fudge!
    G. Did you try Ravelry or ebay to see if your shade you need is available?
    H. I think putting a stripe with the lighter shade in the mittens would not make it match the hat as well. Since the hat is all one color, of the other color.
    I. I would make a mitten hat set out of the lighter shade. Keep the hat for myself (yourself).

  6. I like the seed stitch cuff myself.

  7. i like the seed stitch cuff idea, and i also like the non-matchy...i'm sure whatever you decide will be perfect and the recipient is going to be making jealous all winter ;)

  8. What if you did the mittens with the darker seed stitch cuff and then added a rib edge to the hat in the lighter color?? I love your blog and your Mod cable hat--I am about a third done with it (a christmas present for a friend). I am making it in a nice cream color--she is a white and cream girl. Good luck on the mittens today!

  9. I agree that incorporating each color into the other project would be a great solution and not be overly matchy-matchy!

  10. I agree with everyone - option E. And if you could work some lighter color into the hat, even better!!

  11. I like D and E too.

    Have you considered using a different color (same yarn) for the hand part of the mitten and the blue color for the seed stitch cuff? I think the hat and mittens will be far enough away from one another when worn so that the color difference won't matter. The way he darker blue photographs,it seems as if gray or even natural would make a good second color.

    So long as there is a bit of the hat color in the mittens, I think they'll all look like a set.

  12. Well gee whiz doesn't that just figure! I say go with the stripey option since you'll have enough for that but possibly not enough for the cuff option. I just wouldn't want to tempt the knitting gods any further.


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