January 22, 2008

Blue Monday

So yesterday, Monday, January 21 was officially the Most Depressing Day of the Year. No seriously. Psychologists have figured out that the combo of credit cards from Christmas being due, failed New Years Resolutions, and bad weather with no end in sight make this the saddest day possible.

So instead of being depressed how about a list of 11 things that are making me happy?

1.) Wearing handknits. Currently I have on both my Wicked and my Thuja almost knee socks. Nothing is more warming than handknits!

2.) This picture:
Dexter on the couch
Dexter looks so very ferocious! But in truth he was just yawning between naps:
Dexter on the couch
So not ferocious at all. The fun part here is that he is wearing the sweater I knit for him. He loves it now. No, really. I take it out and he gets all excited and he totally lets us put it on him w/o biting or complaining at all. I think he’s realized the association between sweater and warm. The poor little guy gets all shivery when it’s this cold out.

3.) I finished spinning the fire fiber - all that's left is to ply it. And yes I took eleven million photographs of it. But I think they deserve their own post.

4.) Recreational Basketball leagues:
Matt shooting
Dan Shooting
Well really that’s something that’s making Matt happy but if he’s happy I’m happy, right?

5.) Crockpot dinners. I made a full chicken with veggies and potatoes and all sorts of good stuff on Sunday. The leftovers are just awesome (and are heating up for dinner right now!).

6.) I found this on YouTube:

Man I loved this show. Sadly I couldn’t find the Hunting for Muppets sketch. But $240 of Pudding? Goodstuff.

7.) Friends who also knit and will reasuure me that yes, Juilet looks good, and yes, I should finish it. Even if Matt was laughing at me when I tried it on.

8.) New Yarn. I’ll post pics of what I bought on Saturday soon - I may have to bust out the ghetto lightbox tonight to make that happen, though... how long until the sun comes back?

9.) The most relaxing weekend ever. We did nothing. No really. NOTHING. It was so great. We haven’t done nothing in for-ev-er. Literally every night (not just every weekend but every night) in December was booked solid. I think we had out of town guest something like 5 out of 7 weekends? And that bled into January. It was so nice to have a weekend to just hang out and not worry about being anywhere/doing anything/getting ready for anything.

10.) Stranded Mittens. The one thing I did this weekend was knit alot of this:
Norwegian Star Mittens
So very amusing.
Norwegian Star Mittens
And pretty.
Norwegian Star Mittens
Also? Those would be in progress pictures - meaning I'm keeping resolution #5.

11.) Surviving the most Depressing Day of the Year. Because if yesterday was the worst than 2008 can only get better from here, right!


  1. OK so the cutest picture of Dexter!! I'm impressed he loves his sweater! The mittens are looking great! and I can totally relate to nubmer 9, I'm still waiting for a weekend of nothing!

  2. i ♥ the state. *happy sigh*

    wanna punch me in the neck? c'mon it'sh free! no, it's not - costs a dollar *bark* ...festus the clown ("it comes ooofffff!")

    your mittens are purty.

  3. Dexter's awesome. :) Your mittens look wonderful, too. I love the way the pattern changes around the thumb shaping - very sharp.

  4. I love that sketch! Mittens are lovely, blue and brown are so yummy.

  5. The mittens are just so pretty, I love them.

    I got all happy last night just thinking that we have only 2 more months of winter. ;) It can only get better from here!

  6. The stranded mittens are looking beautiful.

  7. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Those mittens look gorgeous!

  8. Love the mittens. Monday *was* kind of a blah day, come to think of it! Even more blah b/c I had to work on MLK Day this year.

  9. Those mittens are gorgeous! One of these days I'll have to try two color knitting!

  10. Yay for looking for the happy things in life!

  11. Dexter is such a cutie!! And those mittens are coming out so so beautifully!

  12. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Dexter twin on You Tube:

  13. Yawning doggie picture! So cute!!!


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