January 17, 2008

Friends, Wine, Cake, Yarn.


I planned on taking a picture called “still life of awesomeness” tonight but sadly I did not. Still. A bunch of us girls got together at Jill's and ate cupcakes (only one per person. I left the rest with the guys as a form of imposed self-control), drank wine, and knit. It was AWESOME. The guys are still here playing Halo 3. Muffin just kicked Gerbil’s ass but I don’t really care because once again my house smells like feet and beer. Also pizza. Whatever it was a fun night. We’re going to do this once a month (although perhaps not always with the cupcakes – gotta prevent the muffintop) so more random semi-wine induced blogging is sure to follow. And Matt (the Real Matt aka Husband-Matt not the Faux Matt because literally half of our friends are now named Matt) won a bunch of money playing poker and that’s always good. Perhaps I’ll see if I can convince him to use this windfall to take me to see Juno this weekend…

Right. I just realized this was the most pointless post EVER.

I’m thinking about maybe doing another contest soon?

Still not so much with the content…

I wore my back to school U-neck for the first time today and everyone loved it. It fits me perfectly and seriously this might be the best most wearable thing I’ve ever knit ever and I loooove it?

Again. Not so much content w/o pictures and I still don’t have those…. how about a great link?


Good stuff. Well if you watch project runway that is.


G’night all!!!

PS - Gavin is REALLY good at Halo 3. They are all debating this right now. He shouldn't be this good appparantly because he does not own a Xbox360. Whatever. Let me see if I can find some good eyecandy for this post....

Ok. I searched my entire computer. This is the most completely and totally random image I could come up with. It was in a folder titled "Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job." You can't get more random than that:

This was taken on January 9, 2003 making it about 5 years old (holy shit that was 5 years ago?! Wow. I’m old. But in a good way. I like being now. Now is good.) It is of a time when myself, Rebecca, and Alison decided it would be the best plan EVER to give my friend Mark – who had really long, curly hair – a mullet. It was hil-ar-ious. He didn’t keep it, however and we ended up buzzing him before he went out in public. But the picture lives on to be dragged up 5 years later and posted on the interweb for all to see…

On that note… ‘night! For reals this time!

Any bets on how long this post lasts before I realize what I've done and delete it?


  1. love the random non-content posts more than you know! funtimes last night...funtimes for sure. cupcakes rock, as does wine, and knitting, and great friends xo

    ps - if jason has to work in the morning, i might like to go to s&s w/ you and carol, but i won't have a car...any chance i could get a ride? lemme know :)

  2. I heart post of randomness. :)

  3. Fun post - I'm hoping you don't have a headache today!!

  4. I'm sure your friend Mark was so happy you posted this pic for the internets to see...made me smile today :)

  5. The funny thing is, I loved the haircut so much, I still keep it that way. Thanks, Jeanne!


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