January 9, 2008

Ohio State Superfan Hat Take 2

Hmmm…. Well I wrote this back on Monday before the game but got distracted and didn’t get the photos together until right now. Things have, um, changed a bit since then what with the loss and all…. But I’m still going to post it b/c I like this hat even if all of the people who would want to wear it are depressed right now:
ohio state superfan hat
Well as I’ve previously stated I don’t really care either way about Ohio State. But there is a huge game tonight so I thought I’d at least mention it…. Our plans for game night are pretty tame since several of my friends and I have decided that while we’re not going to give up drinking as a New Years Resolution because that would be completely unsustainable with our rock’n’roll lifestyle we were at least going to run next to the wagon and hop on whenever our livers got tired. Which would make us hop ons. Which of course means that George Michael is probably driving the wagon. Seriously, why do they cancel all of the really good shows? Why?

Anyways! Not what I wanted to blog about…moving on…

Way back in June I knit a hat for my friend’s sister’s yet unborn baby in an attempt to lure the kid out. It worked and the hat was much loved – although the new baby’s three year old big brother was super-jealous. So my friend had him call me (cutest phone call ever, btw) and ask if I would make him his own hat. A gray one. And since I knew his whole family was Superfans I threw some red stripes in and he had his very own Ohio State hat. It’s adorable. I actually have pictures of him posing in his hat but I feel weird posting pictures of someone else’s kid – even if his mom did give me permission. So yeah… the hat went over huge. So huge in fact that his dad (really a Superfan) hinted strongly that he would like one in his size. I made him one for Christmas:
ohio state superfan hat

The pattern is my Ohio State Superfan Hat only modified a little bit to accommodate a bigger head. The original hat fits me and I figured for a guy I should add some stitches.

So… here’s the new, improved, guy-sized,

Superfan Hat Take 2:
Lion Brand Woolease in Oxford Gray and Ranch Red. You won’t need very much of any of it – about half a skein of the gray and ¼ skein of the red.
Size 7 circular and double pointed needles (or just the DPN’s)

Using the Long Tail Cast On and Oxford Gray, Cast on 88 Stitches
Knit 9 rounds of K2, P2 ribbing

Stripe 1: Knit 5 rounds plain in Oxford Gray
Stripe 2: Knit 5 round of Ranch Red

Repeat stripes 1 & 2, 2 times more. you will have 3 red stripes at this point.
Knit 6 more rounds in Oxford Gray (hat should measure 6 inches from cast on edge)

Knit 9, K2tog around
Knit 1 round
Knit 8, K2tog around
Knit 1 roundKnit 7, K2tog around
Knit 1 roundKnit 6, K2tog around
Knit 1 roundKnit 5, K2tog around
Knit 4, K2tog around
Knit 3, K2tog around
Knit 2, K2tog around
Knit 1, K2tog around
Knit 2 tog around

Cut yarn and thread through remaining stitches, draw together and tuck in end. Tuck in the rest of the ends.
ohio state superfan hat
Because really...there’s always next year, right?


  1. Man that was a sucky game. I did get a mitten for my son completed though, so not a total loss of time. The hat is lovely. I hope you get a pic of all three of them in their hats!

  2. You're killing me with the comments about running next to the wagon and maybe hopping onto it! Yeah, that's what I'm doing too. And Jim. Not!

  3. I was quite depressed by the game, Oh well, I knit the whole top of my felted clog though!

    Cute hat!

    You could do drink in moderation in 2008! LOL!

  4. Love that red and gray together! Sometimes stripes are so appealing...

  5. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Neato. Glad you were able to find the yarn you needed. Woo Hoo!

  6. That's a great superfan hat! Sometimes I just hate sports and the way they let me down. But the high of winning is so fun!


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