January 11, 2008

Pasta Day Version 3.0

So what started as a random way to spend a Sunday has morphed into a full on yearly tradition (v1.0 here, and v2.0 here).

We all love pasta day:
As per usual the girls made pasta and drank wine:
While the guys played games:
Although this year Matt had a new shiny:
The Xbox360. And Halo3. There was lots of death going on in the living room while we were working.

Again, Jill was the master of the meatballs:
And LB supervised the ravioli production (although I still claim that my pasta is way better than hers. Milk. WTF.):
We had some equipment failures which Matt “fixed”:
Pasta Day
Matt “fixes” stuff by taking it completely and totally apart and then forgetting how/why he took it apart in the first place. He will deny this to the end but I have many things, including a vacuum cleaner, a cordless phone, a lawnmower, and now a pasta machine that say otherwise.
He was very determined, though.

I dealt with the equipment failure by making an emergency trip to my parents’ house to retrieve my mom’s pasta machine…. Only to find that it was actually at my house from when I borrowed last. Oooops:
I blame the wine.

This year our sauce was beyond amazing. It was a combo of my homemade meat sauce that I had frozen, and Jill’s homemade meat sauce that she had frozen. Unfreeze, mix together, and AWESOME. Andy helped with the stirring (grandma, don’t worry, he stirred in the right direction, heh.): I also turned things up a notch by making my family’s ravioli filling recipe. It involves cubed veal that I had to ask the butcher for special, and I’ve never made it before, and there are some big shoes to fill with this recipe so I was a little freaked out. But honestly? I nailed it:
And yes that means that we had meatballs in meat sauce on top of meat ravioli. Apparently we have no self control.
Yup. None at all.
We weren’t completely veggie free, though… Jessica and Carolyn rocked out some sweet spinach ravioli filling with some sortof creamy, sweet vermouth sauce. Tasty.
And Shayne made a kick-ass Cesar salad from scratch (Michele remind me to get that recipe from you guys):
Pasta Day
Oh and we made a batch of plain old noodles, too – because really, you can’t beat that:
I seriously love my new curtains, btw. And the fact that we actually put up some decorations other than just the tree.

Then during cleanup someone discovered a giant box of sparklers in a random drawer of the kitchen. Don’t know why we had those but man were they fun:
Pasta Day
Pasta Day
Btw while the girls were playing with fire the guys dealt with the mess. I think that’s totally fair.
The night ended with a rousing and very competitive game of Trivial Pursuit.
Pasta Day
Jill reading the questions in a British accent, just to throw off the other team, was hil-ar-ious. And I have no idea what we’re trying to do in this picture:
This team of geeks still won, though:
Pasta Day
The little dog made the rounds:
Pasta Day

Before finally settling in with me. Yes. I passed out on the couch spooning the dog.
Pasta Day
Again, I blame the wine.

Such a fun tradition!
Alrighty then - have a great weekend everyone! And if you happen to be at the Garage Bar tonight say hi! We'll be there for a happy hour that one of my friends won...


  1. Jenni1:39 PM

    That looks like fun! What a great tradition!

  2. It sounds like a great day!!! :-))
    Ohhh doggy! He's such a cutie!

  3. The whole event looks like wicked fun!

  4. What a great time!!!! Everyone looks like they are having a blast - and nothing tastes as good as home-made macaroni!! (It was always called macaroni when I was growing up, no matter what shape it was in. And it was always gravy, never sauce.) My grandmother taught me to make it like her - but of course, it never tastes as good as her's did.

    This reminds me, I have never made home-made macaroni for Pea. I need to do that soon - he'd love it.

  5. Pasta night looks like great fun! I just bought Jim two pasta-making attachments for our Kitchen Aid mixer but we have not tried them yet.

  6. Wow how cool! Looks like a great time!! I have never tried to make pasta!

  7. What a FUN tradition! Looks like ya had a blast! And you earned the "Crash" with your pooch! Happy New Year! :)

  8. What a great way to spend time with friends! And yes, blame the wine, for all misdeeds...

  9. OOOOOOoooooooooo I want a cool tradition like that someday. That sounds like a BLAST! I totally need to learn to cook better than I do now. hehe.

  10. Looks like great fun :)

  11. What fun! And I won't mention names, but you are not the only person to have spooned with a dog. I'm just sayin'! ;-)

  12. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Great pics. What fun. Spooning the dog pic cracked me up. You should have that one framed.


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