January 28, 2008


I’m exhausted from a weekend trip and it’s Monday so I’m just going to post some random before I do the weekend recap.

1.) Although Dexter’s Twin on YouTube is pretty fun I thought this was hil-ar-ious:

2.) I’m sure everyone knows that Lost is coming back on Thursday. I swore that if they killed of Charlie the show was Dead To Me and we all know how that went down …. On the other hand Sawyer is still pretty hot. Might be worth it just to watch him.

3.) Today is the 50th anniversary of the best toy ever. I was able to visit the original Legoland in Denmark on my study abroad. Apparantly part of the interview process for getting to work at LEGO is that they lock you in a room with a pile of LEGO’s and see what you come up with. I would rock that portion of the interview.

4.) Who the hell let this happen:

New Kids On the Block Stage a Comeback

Yup. They are getting back together. And while I may have swooned over my life-sized poster of Joey while pledging to battle to the death in the who’s cuter Joey vs. Jordan battle showing my unending loyalty by writing “I heart Joey” all over my trapper keeper in hot pink pen I got over all of that once I moved up to the 6th grade. Also I don’t think New Kids on the Block is still an appropriate name…

5.) So I think that the dining scene in Cleveland is pretty outstanding. It's good to see Chicago has realized this fact. And can I just tell you how hip I feel that I was at the Velvet Tango Room - which is listed in that article as a "must for any visitor" last weekend?

6.) I have an obscene amount of the Xgames DVR’d from this weekend (ironic that I was actually out skiing instead of watching the skiing.) I love the X games. Love. And the coverage is just so refreshing – where else do announcers say things like “me likey!” or after a spectacular wipeout “give that dude a round of applause for even trying that!” Plus stuff like this happens:

That guy jumped over a 30' canyon. On skiis. Backwards. Everything about that is awesome. I'm going to go watch the highlights of this years games now...


  1. I heard about NKOTB on the radio this morning. AFTER I danced around the house with the volume cranked up to Hangin' Tough. The baby thought I was nuts.

  2. oh man...we should all totally go to a concert when they get back on stage...i'll wear my giant buttons and neon hip-pack ;) NKOTB rulz!

  3. Hey you won my contest! Come see! :)

  4. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Doggy video cracked me up! Heard about the boy band. Yep, I think their name is a little too young for them now. Wonder if they'd change it..? "Old Farts on the Block" lol.

  5. Man, I've been reading about the Velvet Tango Room for the past 6 months on some of the food blogs I go to. I'm jealous.

    Everything I've heard about the season premiere of Lost says it's incredible. I guess the screeners for the TV critics arrived this past weekend, and basically you can read spoilers for the entire episode. I'm kind of a spoiler whore, but I've been good and haven't read them for the premiere. If it's as good as everyone is saying it is, I want to be surprised.

    (And I miss Charlie, too!)

  6. Joey was always the cutest one - no contest!


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