February 14, 2008

Have a Wicked Valentines Day!

I don’t know how another week has slipped by with no posting or reading. Feb has been nuts.… how about a list?

1.) This past weekend Matt’s brother Joel and his girlfriend Ellen came to town. Funtimes were had, indeed. Friday I made a biiiig pot of chili and we had a “family game night” with them and my brother and his girlfriend. Poker was the game of choice - because winning money from relatives is always a good time.

2.) Sat night was Rockband Party Part II. And since Matt’s bro was there and my bro was there clearly we needed to form The Family Band:

We are rockin' it like the Jackson 5.

Maybe more like Hanson.

There are many more pictures on Carolyn’s flickr site but I won’t subject you to them – although the series of Matt trying to take the guitar away from me so I wouldn't press buttons before the game started is pretty hilarious. It ended in this:

I’m smug, Matt’s annoyed, and Andy is … drunk.

Also? Carolyn has a video of me mocking my brother because he couldn’t keep up. He was playing bass on easy. And he plays guitar in real life. So there was clearly no reason that we should have kept getting booed off stage…. luckily it’s not on youtube. Yet.

Aaaah siblings.

3.) So I was having a really crappy day at work the other day. That happens. So I gave in to the temptation and went to Starbucks to get some motivation in non-fat chai form. And I found this:
Just a book, right?
Nope. It’s a Book Crossing book!
Bookcrossing is this superfun website where you get to release books into the wild and then whoever finds them can log them in and track their journey. Totally made my day. Especially because…

4.) Tonight along with 2 other couples we are going to see the musical of Wicked! So excited. We don’t usually do anything for Valentines Day so I’m really looking forward to it.

5.) In blogging news – Dove Knits has nominated me for a Make my Day award.

Thank you so much!! That really made me smile – especially considering that I haven’t been so much with the blogging lately.

6.) In yarnish news – go check out Tricia's new store Earthly Hues. She uses all natural dyes a lot of which she actually grows herself (her garden is AMAZING). Very, very, cool. I can’t decide which colorway I want to buy! But I think the indigo roving might be calling my name…

7.) And finally… In order to alleviate some life/work stress I’m focusing it all on this:
Durrow Sleeve
The Brit Killing Sweater is alive and kicking.

I have the back and front completely done, am 75% done with one sleeve, and decided to knit this one to that point so that I’m sure to make them match when I start the armhole shaping. Somehow knitting something extremely complicated makes other things seem… less so. If I can knit cables like these I can certainly deal with whatever crap I run into elsewhere, right?


  1. Looks like a fun weekend!

    Have a happy Valentine's Day.

  2. Hee! Travis and I have already succumbed to the Earthly Hues temptation - it was the first fiber purchase I've made this year! Travis is spinning Indigo right now and it looks luscious... I'm saving up the Sherbert for next week, I think.

  3. Sounds like fun! I totally suck at guitar hero,I've tried my friends a few times! LOL

    My parents are at Wicked tonight too! I'm so jelous of you all!!

  4. Yay for Rock Band (The Haettich-Stevensons ROCKED!), yay for Wicked (I'm going on the 19th for my third time - did you love it???) and YAY for working on the sweater - you go girl!

  5. how cool is it that you found a book crossing book?

  6. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Hi Jeanne, Thanks for the mention! The fire yarn looks awesome! As does Juliet, and the beginnings of The Brit. Have a great weekend!

  7. How did you like Wicked? A friend was in New York and saw it on Broadway. Still babbling about how wonderful it was. I'm next on the waiting list to read the book.
    I had to come check out your site since I found where you posted about APX at the Ravelry site.
    Hope it was good.


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