March 26, 2008


Ok so all of my recreational internet usage has been spent obsessing over my brackets. Checking to see who won the matchups and how right my predictions were....

Wait. No.

Not those brackets. As I’ve said before I don’t give a shit about college sports. These brackets:

Fug Madness

Pitting celebrities against each other in a battle of fugly? Now that’s a tournament worth betting on. And I have a round of drinks riding on Chloe Sevigny taking the whole damn thing. Because Chloe, honey, while I love you like a sis for being the evil yet awesome wife #2 the only one who can pull off floral leggings is Donna Martin:

Easiest free drinks ever. Well. Without any cleavage involved that is.

Speaking of pop culture - I have discovered how to get my fill of crap reality television. See my husband is way more high-class than I am and refuses to watch things like SB46P, ANTM, PR, and LPBW. But at the gym? I can watch whatever I want. So last week I was on the treadmill rocking it out to Dancing with the Stars (don’t judge) and I heard the announcer dude say this “Next up one of the biggest stars of the past 20 years” Well that got my attention right quick. I was super-excited. Did they actually have someone A-list? Not that Kelly Taylor isn’t A list in my book and certainly much more so that Steve Sanders but still…. The camera pans over and

“Holy fuck is that Steve Gutenberg?!”

Yup. I said that out loud – so loud that I heard it over my headphones – in my small little teeny tiny gym. Completely mortifying. Lots of people staring at the crazy lady cursing to herself. Greeeeaaaat.

In my defense someone had just called Steve Gutenberg a big star.

And considering that’s three 90210 references in the same post I think I need to quit while I’m ahead. Ahead obviously being a relative term. Blogging will resume once the tourney results are in. Go Chloe!


  1. I just started re-watching 90210 with Michael's brother-in-law... he's only 21 so he totally missed it back in the day.

    We just watched the "gun" episode. Man, it's awesome.

  2. I don't know...that Tara Reid, she's quite the train wreck...

  3. that is pretty fugly! I love Dancing With The Stars (ballroom more than Latin). Some of them are pretty good.

  4. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Guten hasn't changed hardly at all. Better than Penn I thought. hee hee.


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