March 4, 2008

In Sickness

So when one of us is sick both my husband and I are very good at being caretakers. It’s sweet, really. We both employ the same exact strategy for caring for our better half when they aren’t well: Medicate heavily and then leave the hell alone.

Did I mention that neither of us are very nice people when we’re sick?

Yeah. Usually this isn’t a problem because one of us picks something up at work and is a few days ahead of the other one as far as sickness goes. Well this time we caught a Death Cold (possibly a version of the Plague) from one of the friends we went on a ski vacation with last weekend. So we’re both sick. At the same time.

It was not a fun weekend.

There was a ridiculous amount of whining, a good deal of bitching, and not nearly enough bad movies on TNT to get us through. Many conversations started out like this:

“What the hell did you do with the sudaphed/Dayquil/Nyquil/Kleenex/juice/remote/whiskey?”

The most horrifying moment of the weekend came when we ran out of honey. Hot toddies (see footnote)* are the only thing that makes the coughing stop so clearly one of us had to put on real pants and go out for supplies. Luckily for me Matt lost that coin toss. He also came home with something called “Sudaphed Severe Cold”. Right. Let me just tell you that is some good stuff. Must be laced with some sortof horse tranquilizer because literally 10 min. after I take it I’m a babbling idiot who can’t hold her own head up. And then I fall asleep, luckily for Matt. It’s awesome. And also how I spent all of Sunday and most of yesterday.

So today we’re back to real world… I still have a cough and the sniffles but I’m off the tranq’s for the time being. Also?

I voted today.
(sorry but a shitty cell phone pic is all I have in me right now)


And if you’re the type of person who gives a crap about a blog’s opinion – I endorse Cimperman for Congress. For lots of reasons – I’ve met the guy a bunch of times and I like him. He's good people. And I'm pretty sure that he genuinely cares about Cleveland. I could go on but considering the lingering effects of the Death Cold that’s about as much clarity and enthusiasm as I can muster at the moment.

Hopefully regular blogging and participation in the world of the living will resume sometime soon.

*Yes. This blog has a footnote. I blame the cold meds.

When adding links to this post I couldn’t find a recipe for what I know of as a Hot Toddy online so I thought I would share considering these were the only thing that stopped the coughing…

Hot Toddy (aka how to survive the Death Cold):
Step1: Try to convince spouse to make Toddy for you.
Step 2: When spouse refuses because spouse is also in fact sick and hey while your up would you make one for me? whine, bitch, and/or moan.
Step 3: Realize whining isn't getting you anywhere and boil water.
Step 4: Put teabag (we used sleepytime tea) in mug, pour boiling water into mug until it’s about 2/3 full.
Step 5: Add Whiskey. About a shot will do depending on how sick you are and how much you like whiskey. I usually use less Matt uses more.
Step 6: Add a glob of honey

Step 7: Stir, Sip, then fall asleep.

Just a warning here - for whatever reason this concoction is awesome when hot but completely disgusting when cold.


  1. Yay voting! The dual-spouse sicktime sucks. When that happens here, we start considering sending the dogs out to go get supplies, but they'd probably come back with Snausages or something like that.

  2. OH many I didn't get a sticker! I don't think Lorain county was passing them out!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. I hope you are BOTH better soon! You know I voted today, too. :-)

  4. My sticker is on the calendar on the fridge.

    Hope you both feel better soon. There is serious CRUD going around this winter. Ick.

    Thanks for sharing the Hot Toddy concoction. Dave is already out, may need to call him to get Hot Toddy stuff.

    Take care

  5. Aaahhh, both of you sick at the same time. What a nightmare. Hopefully you are both back to 100% by now.

  6. never heard of a hot toddy, but i will definitely keep this recipe in mind for when i'm allowed to have the whiskey again. sorry to hear about the death cold and glad you are getting over it. ps - this post cracked me up ;)

  7. Mmmm hot toddy! I hope you both have a speedy recovery.

  8. I hope you feel better soon! Everyone I work with has the death cold or the flu. We can't have conference calls without someone hacking up a lung. I'll have to remember "Sudaphed Severe Cold", I love being knocked out when I'm sick.

  9. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Sorry to hear you both got sick too. Sudafed & Honey Rock.. lol.. we sound like a drug & bee commercial.. knitters on drugs... what a buzz! LOL. Get better soon!


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