March 6, 2008

The Prove Matt Right Hat.

So here’s an actual conversation that happened recently between Matt and his coworkers:

Coworker #1: It’s so cold out! Sucks I have to go on site all the time now – my ears freeze!
Matt: Dude, you just need a hat.
Coworker #1: Hmmm.. yeah.. .that might help. I don’t think I own a hat.
Matt: I’m sure Jeanne would knit you one if you wanted.
Coworker #2 whose wife is a knitter but not a Knitter if you know what I mean: Ugh you don’t want a handknit hat. They’re always ugly and never fit right and aren’t very warm.
Matt: WHAT?!!! NO. You are WRONG. Handknit hats are the best – warm and soft and not at all ugly. Jeanne’s even designed and published patterns her hats are so good.

Isn’t that sweet!!! He defended my honor and my knitting abilities! I’m totally flattered. And now clearly I need to knit Coworker #1 a hat that redeems all flawed handknit hats of Coworker#2’s past. Also (and perhaps most importantly)? Matt wants me to prove him right because and I quote “I was really offended for you.”

This needs to be an amazing hat.

Obviously for a stylish architect I should knit a Koolhaas. For those of you not sucked into the world of Ravelry Koolhaas is a hat designed based on the Seattle library by the star architect Rem Koolhaas:

Yeah it’s pretty cool.

So I bought a skein of Mmmalabrigo in a nice, respectable green:
Malabrigo in Forest
I’ve been waiting for Mmmmalabrigo March to start before I cast on but now it’s full steam ahead.
Koolhaas hat

I plan on bringing this with me to Florida as my plane knitting.

The other project coming with me to Florida?
Durrow. Aka the Britt Killing Sweater.

Holy crap I actually finished knitting this!!!! Crazy, right? So now all that’s left is the seaming. Fingers crossed all of the pieces parts fit together w/o issue.

Ok that’s a lot of blogging in a short amount of time. And with that I'm sure I'll be out of contact until Sunday so have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. Please tell me that that luscious Malabrigo Koolhaas is NOT going to a hater???!;)

  2. Anonymous7:06 PM

    *gush* whatta great guy you've got there. Malabrigo.. is gorgeous. I have VAA going in an irish hike scarf..almost done. Very pretty sweater, can't wait to see the finish. p.s. not sure what classes at the KF yet. Last year took one in the pm so I shopped while everyone was in am classes. hee hee. But I dunno some of the morning ones this time are tempting. how about you?

  3. There is something irresistible about Koolhaas to the architecturally minded, isn't there? I don't wear hats but when I saw that pattern, I knew I would have to make one. Of course, finding the time to get around to it...maybe come June! It's also very awesome that Matt defended you.

  4. Jenni7:59 PM

    What a good husband! I was offended too! I love that Malabrigo...pretty color too!

  5. How great that Matt was offending for you!! Mr. Co-worker will be eating his words when he sees your fabulous knitting!!

  6. Matt rocks! Koolhaus and Durrow look fantastic!

  7. I have similar arguments all the time with people - for some reason they seem to think that all wool is itchy and yucky! What?!? Good for your hubby to defend the beauty of knitting and your skills.

  8. so cute that he defended you!

    and O.M.G. i can't believe u finished knitting the sweater!! i knew you could do it, i knew it! can't wait to see the finished product!

    enjoy florida...bring back some warmth, k? :)

  9. Yay for Matt. But you're probably going to intimidate Coworker's wife with your knitting skill. You'll need some skillful diplomacy too.

    The Malabrigo is beautiful, and I love that sweater yarn.

  10. The Merc here in Columbus still does not carry Mmmalabrigo. I was there this morning and asked, they said any day now.

    Fab pics as always. We are getting snow dumpage here in Col as well. Keep warm this weekend.

    Might as well comment on the Hot Toddies while I'm here. Yum! I'm actually feeling better. Thanks for sharing.

  11. gorgeous sweater! and yay matt!

    it would be great to actually SEE you sometime. bobmas?

  12. What yarn are you using for the Durrow? It's gorgeous. That hat is going to be gorgeous, too.

  13. Is he WORTHY of a hat!?!?

    Man that sweater is some kinda sweet.

  14. What an awesome hubby!!

  15. Go Matt! Ooo, just wait 'til Coworker #2 gets a load of that Koolhaas. He is going to be so. jealous.


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