April 16, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

So I’ve been gone awhile. Don’t really have any reason other than I kinda wasn’t feeling the blogging so much. Life just sped up there for awhile and I didn’t have time to catch up. So some goings on…

1.) Another rockband party:

Always funtimes.

2.) A new fav hangout – that I have no pics of (wait. Carolyn did. Rock.)– is the Prosperity Social Club.
Fantastic Gouda burger and games? Flawless. We seem to be defaulting to there lately as a group... And even though I suck at Scrabble it’s super fun to watch Matt and Jessica duke it out. Oh and you have try their sweet potato fries. Amazingly tasty.

3.) Speaking of Carolyn – she had us over to Andy’s place for fondue a few weeks ago. I’d never been to a fondue party before!
Very fun. And I got to prove that while I suck at Scrabble I am the Queen of Monopoly.
The dogs with Matt after he realized that the trade he just made me was a FAIL. Sorry, buddy.

4.) We went out for an extravagant sushi dinner for Andy and Matt’s birthdays:
Pacific East is amazing but pricy – worth it for good sushi but def. a special occasion type of a place for us. It's also way better than Sushi Rock in my opinion.

5.) A good friend of mine got engaged:

CONGRATS to Jill and Matt! Also this means that I’m in 2 weddings in the next year.
So I’ve been sucked into a complete Vortex of Tulle. And I just have to say that while wedding dress shopping is super fun it’s way funner when you’re not the one who has to get naked in front of strangers. WAY funner.
Also fun about wedding dress shopping? The 3 pitchers of margaritas.
a healthy amount of snark…
And a mariachi band with white shoes. Heh.
5.) Knitters fantasy was fun. I’ve been knitting charity hats for them for the past few weeks and ended up donating 5... and my mom donated a whole pile of them, too. I have nothing but crap for pictures b/c I forgot to take them until we were in the car on the way there.
charity hats
charity hats
And yes that is fun fur. And no it's not 2005. They're hats for kids. Someone will like it.

I took a class on knitting in the round on two circular needles from Queen Kahuna her self. It was a good class but I’m not totally sold on the technique – only because I knit socks because they are portable and knitting them 2 at a time doesn’t seem as portable. I'm a one at a time on double pointed needles kind of a girl. I may give it a try with my next pair, though!

I also took a class on a gansey sampler hat which was good… here’s a pic of the hat:
gansey sampler hat
and of the twisted ribbing:
gansey sampler hat
Wasn’t much instruction in the class b/c there wasn’t really much necessary. The pattern is nice, though!

Oh and I put on my evaluation form that I would be interested in possibly teaching a class next year… so we’ll see.

6.) I celebrated the end to Malabrigo March by immediately buying more malabrigo and starting a shrug:
malabrigo shrug
malabrigo shrug

What can I say. I had a gift certificate that was going to expire and no direction…

malabrigo shrug

That and I can't seem to break the mmmalabrigo habit. But, really. Can you blame me?
malabrigo shrug
I think that it will be a good spring layering piece, though. Oh yeah – this is the Two Tone Ribbed Shrug from Fitted Knits (Ravelry link). Very spring.

7.) Just for some random who else out there loved Sweet Valley High? C’mon. You know you did. Although the fashion updates make me sad inside (as does telling teenagers that they need to be a "perfect size 4" shudder.) if they also re-released the board game I’m not going to pretend I wouldn’t buy it. And they better not mess with the Babysitter’s Club. Claudia’s crazy outfits made those books. I’m just sayin’.
Edited to Add*******
I found the blog about the Babysitter’s Club!!! Holy crap! Thanks, Jacki for the link:

What Claudia Wore.

Best Idea Ever. Almost as good as a belt with feathers on it. Ouch.

So I think that’s about it. Hopefully I’ll get back into the blogging thing again soon!


  1. I love your no-children social life. Ah, the good old days of playing games with words and eating out. Though we do LOVE Pacific East. I think I have one of the few two year olds who begs for sushi.

  2. michele2:15 PM

    def.--they better not mess with Babysitter's Club. ever.

  3. Oh man, Sweet Valley High. Was it really necessary to make that change? I love the book AND the board game. Good times!

  4. Anonymous6:56 PM

    No way!!! You were at Knitter's Fantasy??? Wah! I was totally there Saturday morning. Hilarious. Did you take classes? I spent the time shoppin' around. This is my 3rd year going. Last year I did a cap, but this year, due to SCHOOL, I didn't even think about it. I can't help feeling like one of the youngest people there when I go. Too bad I missed you!

  5. Wow, no wonder why you haven't been blogging - all those great parties! Good for you! And at least you still have time for knitting - always good to have stuff to post when life calms down enough for blogging. :) The Malabrigo shrug is looking gorgeous.

  6. my bff and i totally had our own babysitters club...such nerds!

  7. 1. i've of course been terrible at blogging three months straight now, and sort of bad at reading, too, but i've missed you!

    2. come to toledo. soon. yarn crawl and fun eatery/drinkery to be had. then i'll return the favor and you can show me that sushi place. mmmm...

    3. that color of malabrigo makes me want to melt. i am in LOVE with emerald and grassy greens, lately... and i have that book, too much malabrigo with no plan for it, and i've been thinking shrug, lately...

    4. one time i got the big fat babysitters club goes on a cruise vacation book for a friend for Christmas in junior high and read it before i gifted it. *dies of embarassment and nerdiness*

  8. I can't get past the goudaburgers. Those sound like heaven.

    I saw a blog a few weeks ago (it was linked from Jezebel) called something like 'Inside Claudia's Closet' that analyzed the fashions worn in the BSC books. It was snarktastic. :)

  9. LOVE that Malabrigo shrug. No, we don't blame you. We envy you!

  10. Vortex of Tulle! AWESOME!

    Ah yes, I remember SVH. I can't remember quite when I stopped reading those - it might have been after Jessica did something horrible to Enid? Did I just recall those names off the top of my head after *cough mumble* years? How very sad...


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