June 24, 2008

#5 Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark is one of my most loved cites – other than Cleveland, of course. I lived here during my study abroad and truly fell in love with this phenomenal city.

Copenhagen is a place steeped in the contrast of old and new –
black diamond
Streamlined modern Danish architecture against a backdrop of ancient brick and narrow medieval streets.
copenhagen waterfront
fredriksborg slot
One constant brings these two together, though – Copper.
AxeltorvKnippels Bridge
From the patina of the (former) Stock Exchange roof to the bright metal of the new Copper Tower this material is all over the city. Even the iconic Little Mermaid statue is copper!

Therefore the Copenhagen colorway is a study of copper – all shades of the metal are represented from the bright, shiny oranges through the many greens of patina:
This is by far my favorite colorway yet.

I am tempted to keep all of it for myself but that would kindof defeat the purpose of this whole thing so it’s available now at Destination Yarn.

Ok that’s it! That’s all the colorways I have so far – although I did just order enough base yarn to dye 5 more... Tomorrow the regular Cleveland knit blog will return to normal - rat terriers, silly you tube videos, a whole mess of garter stitch, unfinished sweaters, and occasional drunk pictures of my friends. The contest will stay open until Sat. night, though.

Thanks so much for sticking around through this “buy my stuff” phase!

------Edited to Add------

You guys cleaned me out again! Thank you!!!! I have one skein left that I’m holding on to in case whoever wins the contest wants it. But don’t worry - I will dye this colorway again since everyone likes it so much! The base yarn will be here tomorrow so I should be able to dye on Sunday and list it sometime next week.


  1. I think this is my fave as well!!

  2. Copenhagen for the win! :)

  3. Oh, yum!! Too bad and so sad your Etsy shop doesn't allow sales to Canada. :-(

  4. The colorway embodies the look of the city perfectly!! That is one place I've never visited yet but it looks great!

  5. Ooo, soo pretty! You really captured the tones of copper and patina!

    I've been trying to figure out my favorite place and the colors that would represent it for the contest entry. Paris would top the list, which you've already got. ;) Second would have to be Tahiti - Bora Bora and Moorea to be exact. The colors that come to mind are deep ocean blue (we went on a catamaran), plumeria yellow (they were everywhere, as was the sun!), and rich brown (the furniture everywhere amde from natural woods, the over-the-water huts, *sigh*).

  6. gorgeous! my fave as well.
    love the whole concept.

  7. This is a gorgeous colorway!

  8. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Like them all... love this one the best. Congrats on the store. Trying to sway my readers over here as well.

  9. my favorite by far!

  10. Hookedonstring swayed me. :-p

    I've got this picture in my head now and its your fault. XD

    My favorite place to visit is the same town I grew up, Purcellville, Virginia. Its horse country up there, and its all deep green fields corraled in by fences (snowy white for the richer folk, plain weathered pine for everyone else), and speckled with Chestnut thoroughbreds waiting for their chance to race Charles Town. Homesick, anyone?

    I love copenhagen, but it was all sold out when I got there. :-( I'll just have to be a good lil girl and wait!

  11. I think this is my favorite so far!

  12. I love all the colorways! My favorite place would be Cape Cod and the colors would be shades of light brown and green for the sand dunes with just a touch of blue for the ocean!

  13. Stunning colorway!!!!!! Pick me! I wanna win! ;-)

  14. Anonymous9:38 AM

    What a beautiful colorway. And it does really remind me of Copenhagen very much, the copper city against the backdrop of the sea.

    I'd love to see Jerusalem or Eilat become yarn. Maybe I should send you some postcards...


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