June 29, 2008

Destination Yarn Contest Winner

Ack! It got late fast today. Anyways… so I had over 80 entries into this contest! And between MostlySelfTaughtKnitter and Ttownknitiot it seemed like half of the entries were of someone named Karen! Thanks again guys for making this week such a success! So the winner (as chosen by the random number generator) is… drumroll please….


Her entry was this:
“Tahiti - Bora Bora and Moorea to be exact. The colors that come to mind are deep ocean blue (we went on a catamaran), plumeria yellow (they were everywhere, as was the sun!), and rich brown (the furniture everywhere amde from natural woods, the over-the-water huts, *sigh*).”
Sounds beautiful! Anyways - you have your choice of any of my first 5 colorways. Don’t worry that some of them are sold out on Etsy – I didn’t list one skein of each just to be sure the winner would get their pick.

Thanks again for playing, everyone!


  1. Tease!!!!!

    Congrats to your winner. And congratulations to YOU!

  2. Another Life in Cleveland 'Karen' saying congrats to the 'non Karen' winner and to you!

  3. Mwwwaaaahahahahha - we Karens are going to take over the world. :) Congrats to the not-Karen who won - we figured we'd let that one slip by just so no one discovered our world take-over plot. :)

  4. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Congrats to the winner! Great contest.


    I just emailed you!


    Dude, I just noticed that typo in my comment. Gah!

  6. Congrats to your winner.

    I realize I am apperently not all with it today. I was catchng up on Karen's blog and realize I read it as July 24.....serves me right getting behind on my blog reading/commenting......I miss out on the good stuff lol

    Nice to stumble across new blogs to read though!


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