June 21, 2008

Destination Yarn

One of my passions (other than knitting, of course) is travel photography. What I love about it is trying to capture with one image the entire feeling of a place. To take an entire city and condense it to one photograph, one moment - it’s enthralling. So lately I’ve started the process of scanning in our travel photographs from before the digital era.
Grundtvigs Kirke

Spending so much time sorting through photographs I started to think….

Could I do the same thing with yarn? Would it be possible to condense a place into a colorway?

So I ordered a ridiculous amount of a good base yarn and set out to create a series of yarn postcards - skeins of sock yarn that capture the sprit of a place in the same way that a photograph would.

The result has been just so much fun.
But that’s not the big news. The big news is that with this experiment/concept I’m starting my very own Etsy shop:

Destination Yarn

For me this is a Very Big Deal since I’ve never sold anything I’ve made before and since I’m a bit of a perfectionist – especially when it comes to putting my name on a design. I’ve been working on this/debating doing this for months now. Seriously just creating my logo took way longer than it should have because I was certain that I wanted it to look like a vintage travel poster:
But now the fun part begins….

This week to celebrate both the start of Summer of Socks 2008 and the beginning of Destination Yarn I’m throwing myself a little launch party. I have 5 colorways to start with so all week I’ll be revealing them bit by bit. There’s also going to be a contest complete with fabulous prizes. Because no party would be complete with out favors!

Super exciting, right? I’ll post the first colorway and contest details sometime today!


  1. Uh oh... I can feel my pocketbook wincing in anticipation :) I think I'll be waiting for a "Cleveland" colorway, though!

    Congrats and good luck!

  2. I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see the destinations you come up with.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! SO exciting!!! I love the concept, too!

  4. What a fabulous idea!!! I love the whole theme - and it's so exciting that it's so fresh and new - I've never heard of another yarn line doing anything quite like this. Congratulations!!

  5. Very cool! How exciting..What a neat idea! Can't wait to see your colorways!!

  6. Very neat. Good luck with the etsy shop!

  7. excellent concept. best of luck with the new venture.

    I'm very impressed that you are scanning your pre-digital pictures. I scan as needed - otherwise I fear all I would be doing is scanning pictures for the next 5 years!


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