June 20, 2008

Fire is fun

So the wedding we went to was fun. Sadly my camera is starting to die so I took only 2 pictures all weekend. This one:
North Carolina Weekend
Us right before the wedding. After this my camera batteries died. I really need to get a new little portable camera.

And this one:
North Carolina Weekend
Matt’s aunt, uncle, and cousins looking through our Peru pictures. And then my camera died again. Boo.

His cousins are awesome. After deciding that we have a mutual dislike of small talk we completely skipped the “how’s the weather up your way” crap and talked about politics, democracy, capitalism and what it means to be an American. Also? They are weavers. Which automatically means that they are good people. One of his cousins even spent time in South Africa working with local artists (mainly fiber artists) as a part of a grant program to get their work displayed/sold in the US. That’s about the coolest job I’ve heard of ever.

In knitting news I decided that some stash reorganization was necessary:

Uh huh.

Matt came into my “organization” midstream and all I could say was “I’m not crazy, I swear” His response? “Then why the hell are you burning yarn?!” Yeah. I read somewhere that wool won’t burn but acrylic will. And I had an entire drawer of stuff that was either patons or wool-ease or cascade or something else. Over time I’ve lost the ball bands and everything has become very confused. So I lit it on fire. My experiment totally worked! Plus it’s beyond fun. Wool yarn doesn’t burn at all. It just ashes a little and then stops… but acrylic is like lighting a wick. It burns quickly and kindof melts a little. Funtimes. Although if you try this at home may I recommend not burning yarn that’s attached to a work in progress? That’s a plan that results in a lot of cursing and a wet hat. Ask me how I know.

Finally – Summer of Socks starts tomorrow and to celebrate I’m finally going to post something I’ve been working on in semi-secrecy for awhile now. Also there will be a bigish announcement. Isn’t the suspense just killing you? Heh. Until then check out my fav. youtube video ever. This cracks me up every time (even though it’s extremely wrong):

Hitler Plans Burning Man


  1. Jenni7:12 PM

    That red polka dot dress is so cute! It looks great on you!

  2. That's true about burning synthetics. My sewing teacher used to do it all the time to see whether we were using wool blends or pure wool.

    I'm planning to spend a bit of tomorrow figuring out what my first sock project will be.

  3. Is this the announcement that I think it is?? Yay!

  4. When you burn acrylic yarn, are there really gross fumes? I always wondered about that - it seems like there should be.

    Can't wait to hear what your announcement is!!!

  5. I look forward to your biggish announcement. :) Also, burning yarn does kind of make you look like a crazy person. :)

  6. OMG. That video was AWESOME.


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