June 27, 2008

Garter all the time Garter all the time Garter all the ti-ime

Ok so that was the second “Party all the time” reference in 2 weeks. Someone needs to slap me or get me my own VH1 clip show STAT.

So first of all I just want to thank everyone for all of their support in my new adventure. You guys rule. Seriously. I was so nervous about this week but it’s gone better that I ever imagined in my wildest dreams. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

I really don’t want to turn my blog solely into a “buy my stuff” blog so I won’t be doing an intense series of Destination Yarn posts again. That being said I have to admit I’ve really, really enjoyed this little experiment. I like seeing the yarn next to the travel photos in convenient scroll-down form. So chances are as I dye more places I’ll probably blog about them, too. If I get too self-promoting or annoying feel free to slap me, though. I can take it.

Random eye candy picture of sunset over Lake Erie thanks to my Dad.

I think one of the coolest things that’s happened this week (other than delivering yarn to Randeep by bike. That was super fun! I felt like the yarn fairy.) was discovering that a Canadian artist is doing the same thing I’m trying to do. He’s condensing cities into a palate of 3 Pantone colors.

His artists statement was a lot more legitimate and a lot less “ooh shiny!” than mine but still… knowing that someone else out there (a real artist for a real magazine none the less!) had the sameish idea is really reassuring somehow.

Anyways! Enough about Destination Yarn. How about some Garter stitch goodness?

Almost Garter Scarf

That would be the Almost Garter Scarf (on Rav here). I saw Bonnie’s version and had to knit one as soon as possible.

Almost Garter Scarf

It’s insanely simple and clever and mindless…

Almost Garter Scarf

Perfect for this crazy week.

Almost Garter Scarf

I didn’t even think about the colors. I just used the leftover skeins of Patons I had from my Norwegian mittens and Earflap Hat. So now I’ll have a scarf to complete the set!

In Cleveland news – last weekend we went to Luxe. It’s a new restaurant in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. It was excellent. Great food, great service, and their signature drink, the Luxe Bloom, is amazing. Afterwards we migrated a few blocks and played some bocce at the Stone Mad – which is quickly becoming my fav. chill bar in Cleveland. I need to try their food next time we’re there now that the restaurant part is up and running…

Ok. That’s about all I got right now – Have a wonderful weekend!

Oh yeah and there’s still time to enter into the Destination Yarn Contest!


  1. How funny, my 13 year old daughter was singing that song this morning at the breakfast table!

    Love the garter stitch action...and keep on promoting your venture,we love it!

  2. I second the A.D.D Knitter's comment. I love your Destination Yarn entries! This one's good too though. :)

  3. *slap*

    Did it work? I hope so, because I'm afraid you'll start busting out with some Tiffany or Debbie Gibson if this train doesn't leave the station.

  4. OH that scarf is really neat! Fun!!

  5. Hey, I blogged about your yarn. Hope it send you some more traffic. :-) Love ya! xoxoxox

  6. i so can't wait to make one of these scarves!!

    ps - knit knite rocked and i love the yarn...thank you so much! as soon as i get un-lazy, i'm gonna blog about it, complete the destination yarn linkies :) can't wait to pick out a pattern and start knitting my baby her adorable paris night sweater!

  7. Phoebe6:38 PM

    Do you think you can dye a yarn that captures the beautiful deep blue of the sky over Jacobs Field (sory, I am Old School) just at dusk? I have never noticed it more beautiful than sitting at the ball game.

    PS. Make more Copenhagen, make more Copenhagen, make more Copenhagen.

  8. There is nothing better than garter for showing off color and texture!

  9. Anonymous10:59 PM

    LURVE the scarf!! Now I'll have to knit one too.

  10. Oh I'm in love with the colors on your scarf. A bright with a grey just is such a great combination.

  11. That photo is amazing. You need to enlarge that and hang it on your wall. Beautiful!


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