June 5, 2008

Outside is the best

I’m so glad it’s finally summer! We’ve spent so much time outside lately gardening (almost everything is in. It would all be in if it weren’t for this pesky job thing) and grilling and cornhole-ing, and bocce-ing and just generally playing with friends. My garden is glad it’s finally summer, too:

Bush on the side of the house
Don’t know what this is but I forgot to prune it this spring so it’s pretty much overwhelmed with blooms


Part of the outside time? Has been doing lots of this:

I can’t stop dying yarn. I bought a whole big box of a really good base yarn and since then it’s all I want to do.

So very much fun especially since I’m working on kindof a theme… Really I’m most creative when I have some restraints – even if they are self-created constraints. But yeah…I have one more batch to do and then I’ll explain it all and show you the whole dye project. It’s very exciting.

When I’ve been forced inside by rain I’ve been spinning:
green yarn
But last night the leather part that connects my pedal to the wheel broke. I’m not really sure how to fix it yet…

And that’s about it for now...


  1. I dreamt about you last night... I was at your parents house, visiting you... but for some reason i was messing your mom's jewelry up and it was pissing her off. You thought this was funny!

    Strange, I know!

  2. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Pretty flowers. No salsa this year? You are on a spinning marathon... very pretty

  3. Bummer about your wheel. The yarn looks so pretty on it.

  4. Such pretty flowers! And gorgeous dyeing! I follow a theme when I dye, too. It's called, "Man, I hope this doesn't turn out like crap." Catchy, huh!

  5. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Ooooh, I'm so jealous of the poppies. I love poppies but they refuse to grow for me. Maybe it's because our dog seems to want to roll in them whenever I plant them? Beautiful dyeing! I hope your wheel gets well soon though.


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