June 12, 2008

The search for a New Sport

So something’s been missing from my blog/life this summer... After 3 years of rocking the Summer Rowing League this year we didn’t do it because our team essentially imploded. The rundown of what happened: 2 people moved out of town, one is currently 8 months pregnant, 2 people upgraded to the competitive team which rows every day and travels all summer to regattas, 1 person joined a soccer team that conflicts, 1 person is finishing up grad school and therefore super-poor, so that just leaves me and Matt. Then Matt got his guy friends to commit to once a week pick up basketball so he didn’t really want to do it… leaving just me. As much as I love rowing I didn’t think it would be nearly as much fun without my friends.
Regatta #1
But I really missed it. A lot.

And I especially missed the outdoor exercise…

So clearly I need a new sport. The glaringly obvious problem being that as Matt said “sports are not in your power alley.” So I made a list:

Things I Will and Will Not Tolerate in a Sport:
  1. No ball. I’m terrible at sports that involve balls. I just don’t have that type of coordination. And if it’s a sport that involves hitting a ball with something? Like tennis or golf? Forgetaboutit. Epically bad at those. And honestly I have no desire to get any better.

  2. You get to go fast. All of the sports I actually like to do (meaning skiing and rowing) involve the basic principle that faster is funner.

  3. No running.

  4. You get to have shiny gear that makes you better at the sport. What can I say - I am my father’s daughter. Skiing is the ultimate on this one. Ski gear is the best ever.

  5. You get to go cool places/see cool things because of the sport.

Skiing we get to go on many trips to places like Colorado, Belle's Camp - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

Rowing we got to see the city from the unique perspective of the river,Regatta #1

Hiking we got to see just unbelievable things in Peru,

Inca Trail Day 1

and around town.

Hinckley Reservation

Basically I operate under the principle that I’ll hike up any ridiculous mountain if there’s something cool at the top and love every minute of it, but make me run across a field towards nothing more interesting than ball and I am NOT a happy camper.

So yeah...good thing I’m not picky at all… heh.

Really, though, the answer is obvious. Once I made the list and talked to a few friends there was no doubt in my mind of what I wanted to do:
my new bike!
I bought a bike!!!!
my new bike!
It’s shiny and red!

And of course I did a belligerent amount of research into all of the features that I wanted… It’s a hybrid with the 700C tires – so closer to a road bike than a mountain bike but still able to handle gravel paths. It’s the unisex frame but because it’s only a 15” frame the top bar angles down far enough that I’m comfortable with it not being a true step-through. It’s a Raleigh and that’s supposed to be a good brand, and it has front and back shocks to deal with all of the bumps of our Cleveland roads.
my new bike!
Plus it’s red.
my new bike!
I”ll admit. I kindof wanted a pink one since I’ve always had a pink bike… but I guess red will do. The matching helmet helped to convince me...
my new bike!
Dexter is less impressed with the cute bike and just wants to go back into the air conditioning.

The people at Century Cycles were wonderful to work with. I asked a bajillion questions and went back twice (after visiting several other Local Bike Stores). They were patient and dealt with my “can I just try it one more time to be sure” crazy.
my new bike!
So far I’ve put many miles on this bike. I’m completely amazed at how far you can go how quickly. I rocked something like 11 miles last night in just over an hour? Not too shabby. And the other fun bonus is that most of my friends are bikers. There’s already talk of taking a day trip down to Peninsula and of meeting my DC friends in the middle for a biking/camping weekend.

I really like my new sport.

And with that we're off to Raleigh, North Carolina for a wedding. Have a good weekend!


  1. I unfortunately gave up biking one summer and tried to do running. I felt soooo slow. I'd pass the 1 mile marker and be like, is this it??? Biking is so much more fun than running!

  2. Ooo, yeah, with you on the ball thing. (Out of context, that sounds really, really pervy.) Sports that require aim and involve a spherical object of some kind, not up my power alley.

    That is a sweet, shiny new bike!

  3. Biking is cool - but I bet in the long run it won't replace rowing! This is my 8th season as an SRLer &
    I know what you mean about the friends - we have a great group and they really aren't people I would have gotten to know otherwise.

    Keep on trucking this summer and I bet we see you around the river come next season!

  4. Congratulations on your purchase! I was reading your post thinking - you should ride! :)

  5. nice bike!! I need to reconnect with riding a bike...I used to bike as my main form of transportation way back when...of course the roads around here suck, probably the biggest deterrent. and it's a great sport.

    love the second picture of the carl stokes federal court building.

    maybe another rowing team will pop up when the time is right, does sound ideal....

    is that your dog in one of the bike pictures? looks a tad like my neighbor randeep's sophie!

    hope the wedding was fun!

  6. Skiing and biking - two of my absolutely favorite things to do with my family. I love your bike!

  7. the bike is pretty. pretty might be my word of the day. i like the sports rules as well. but as i was reading the post i was wondering to myself why i was so accident prone. i keep trying to ruin all the fun stuff in life for myself. (aka skiing and biking) annoying!
    biking around can feel so freeing.


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