June 6, 2008

A short list of things that are as awesome in 2008 as they were in 1988:

1.) Rice Krispie Treats. I made them the other night after seeing them at Starbucks. I totally wanted one but resisted because $2 for a little square is insane when you can make a whole pan for like $4.50:
Rice Krispie Treat
They are just as good as I remembered them.
Rice Krispie Treat
2.) French Braids. I wore my hair this way for the first time in for-ev-er the other day because we were running late and I had to do my hair in the car w/o any products. And can I just say? Surprisingly cute and comfortable. I mean yeah ok, it might be a good indication that I have a sister-wife or two, but when it’s ’90 out and humid that doesn’t seem to matter as much. So now my friends and I are starting a movement to bring back the French Braid as the new hot style for summer. I think we can pull it off – I mean it’s not like any of us live on a compound or anything… or like we’re going to curl, flip, and spray our bangs into terrifying heights while just braiding the back part. Not that any of us did that. Shudder.

3.) Johnny Depp. Ok. I’ll admit. I watched part of the rerun of the MTV Movie Awards. In my defense I was in the other room making chili and I needed some background noise. Plus Matt wasn’t home. Overall it was pretty boring… and then my head exploded (sorry for the cheesy video - it was the best I could find on youtube):

The dude has the same hair cut he had in 21-Jump Street and he is rocking it. Plus how did MTV even get Johnny Depp to show up for this crap show? Doesn’t he live in France? And what he talks with an accent now? So very confused. He must have chosen wisely because he has aged really well:



Freakishly well. He looks exactly the same.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. I am also confused by Johnny Depp. How does that happen??? How does he stay so amazingly hot for so long? Why do I love every movie he's ever been in? He dresses up like a dirty pirate and I want to lick him. He defies all logic!

  2. Great post!

    I used to luv making RK treats when I was little! We would even add Jello powder to it for coloring!! ;o) Bet you didn't know about that! LOL Haha!

    And how about at my job we make them for the kids in a microwave! Easy Peasy!!!

    Too funny! @ sisterwife Haha!

    Great pics of the peonies too!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Johnny Depp is beyond gorgeous. LOVE.

    I don't know how you managed to get the french braid working - I never have been able to master it. Love the sisterwife comment though - ROFLMAO.

  4. This post makes me giggle. :)

  5. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Braids are a good thing. I think they should never go out of style. He's got good hair .. I think that's what keeps him young.

  6. christine7:22 AM

    I actually did my hair in double french braids last night - one on each side of my head. It's so nice to get the hair off of the back of my neck, and it's not like a ponytail that you have to re-adjust every few minutes!

  7. Anonymous9:17 AM

    OK sisterwife, braid away! LOLOLOL

    And yes, Johnny Depp is one of the hottest guys around - always has been, always will be! From funky guy w/scissorhands to funky pirate, he's just the bomb!

  8. I was going to comment on how my mom used to make Rice Krispies treats ALL the time (sometimes with peanuts, chocolate chips, cocoa mix...), but after reading Brena's comment, I have this disturbing visual of licking a dirty pirate and dude, it's not pretty.

  9. Mmmmm, which is yummier? Johnny Depp or Rice Crispy Treats. They both make me drool - but Johnny is easier on the blood sugar!

  10. Isn't it crazy how much they charge for pastries and such at Starbucks?!

    Have you seen Sweeny Todd... very very strange Johnny Depp movie.

    (Amanda's Weekly Zen)

  11. Aw Johnny Depp! Swoon.

  12. ok, i'm catching up on some blog reading and had to say that i almost peed a little when i read the sister-wife comment hahahaha ps - i never learned to french braid hair but used to rock them all the time when i lived at home and had someone else to do them for me lol i'll have to google some instructions and see if i can do it cuz that seems like a lovely way to beat the cleveland humitidy!


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