July 17, 2008

The Tulle Vortex

So Matt and I had opposite weekends. He was did this:
Fishing Pics from Dad
Fishing Pics from Dad

While I was wedding dress shopping with my good friend, Sarah. Now ok. I definitely belive that you should wear whatever you want on your wedding day. My dress, for example, was covered in beads because well... of course it was.
Close up of the bottom of my dress – just a crappy snap shot not like a professional pic or anything but you get the idea. I love beads.

So if you are all about the tulle princess dress than more power to you. However. Sarah? Not a tulle kindof a girl. So seeing her in this was nothing short of hilarious:
Wedding Dress Shopping
Especially when it twirled:
Wedding Dress Shopping

So we had her try on some that were less poufy:
Wedding Dress Shopping
Seriously. She’s a tiny little thing that would look good in anything – except for a dress with a knee bow apparently. The entire conversation while she was in that dress revolved around how impressive it was that her ass could look so big. That’s perhaps not the image most brides would be going for… we got a little closer with this one:
Wedding Dress Shopping

But eventually decided that we’re not really a David’s Bridal kindof a group. At one point this conversation happened:

Sarah in a totally disgusted and hushed tone: “It’s 100% polyester
Friend #1: “But that’s what makes it so shiny!”
Friend #2: “And flammable!”
Friend #3: “Nothing says class like polyester!”
Friend #1: “And unfinished seams.”

Shudder. And everything she tried on was ridiculously overpriced for the quality. $700 for off-the-rack polyester? FAIL. You can get a much higher quality dress for that price. Possibly even at David’s but we weren’t willing to look very hard.

We had a lot more fun/luck at a vintage dress shop.
Well the bride didn’t have too much luck but it was fun to try on a huge variety of styles from many different decades. Sadly I couldn’t convince her to go for the Princess Di Sleeves. My friend, Michele, however almost bought this:
It’s an original Sarmi. That would be a designer that designed gowns for Jacki O. Yeah. It’s hand beaded silk. The quality of materials is just out of this world – they really don’t make them like they used to. And seriously to own a Jacki O dress? That’s some kind of rockstar. She still might go back and buy it…


Oh and my friends bought me a present:
creepy melon
Yup. Another creepy mystery melon courtesy of the yuppie grocery store. Luckily LB has a stand just perfect for photographing random produce. We played the “guess the color inside” game again… I guessed purple… what do you think?


  1. Purple maybe...I think green!

    I would so do my wedding dress over if I was getting married now. I liked mine but I would have loved something simplier.

    That peach dress is quite amazing. I would almost feel inclinded to have bought it and messed around with it a bit....shorten it maybe.

  2. i wonder if anyone really ever has found a dress at david's. it's always torture in there. i think it would be so hard to keep a straight face and be a sales person there!

    i think green.

  3. oh, other people there were looking to buy! it was terrible!
    also, i may still buy that dress. the jury is still out...hmm, what does the world at large think? alisha--you are pro?

  4. Ugh! Wedding dress shopping! *shudder*

    As for that melon... I say it is green inside.

  5. Jenni8:19 PM

    The polyester conversation had me rolling LOL

    Love the peach dress! It would look amazing shortened up...she should definitely buy it :)

  6. Anonymous8:32 PM

    OK, what size is the Sarni? I might like to buy it! I have a black-tie wedding to get ready for at the end of August. I hadn't thought about a vintage dress, but I think I may have to go on a scavenger hunt! Where was that? You're within driving distance of me!

  7. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Nice fish. Hope he cleaned them hisself. Ick. I like the last wedding dress in y our pics. The other with the tule way at the bottom makes people look like a mermaid I think. Guess on what color inside: Green.

  8. 100% polyester?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's orange. Or green. Maybe red. Or maybe there's a little alien dude in there, because it's seriously rocking the spaceship vibe.

  9. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I think it's red inside the melon!

    -f.lynd, lurker

  10. I'm guessing orange inside!

    I got my dress at Davids, (but that as 9 years ago-actually more than that-as we just had our 9th anniversary-maybe their quality has deteriorated) My MIL is a seamstress so she did all the alterations...and boy when they found out they couldn't charge me an arm and a leg for that they weren't too nice anymore!

  11. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I bought a vintage (1969) wedding dress for $25 two summers ago. Regardless of the fact that I was not engaged at the time (nor am I now). But it fit so perfectly I couldn't resist. Vintage dresses rock! If I could wear them all the time, I would.

    And I'm glad that when the time comes, I will NOT have to go to David's Bland Bridal!!


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