October 2, 2008

A Normal Weekend

Ok first of all – thank you guys so much for all of your kind comments on my belly! I seriously didn’t expect that. But it’s much appreciated. I was not feeling very pretty when we took those photos at all – more like huge and tired and unmade-up and… huge. So it’s really awesome to have all of you guys saying I look good! Please still do that in Feb. when I’m the size of a planet, ok?

Anyways… last weekend was the first weekend in a long time that felt normal. See for the past few months our weekends have been Matt going out and doing the things we normally do – like the rockband II party or happy hour or whatever – and me curled up with the dog in a heap on the couch. And I don’t think I realized how down just being down had me. I think being a hermit had me as down as the actual migraine did. Speaking of which… it’s still here. But it’s less. And it’s somewhat manageable for the time being. Knock on wood…

So Friday night my friend LB (how fun is it that she has a blog now!) came to town so that we could go play the ponies:

Carolyn’s brother’s in-laws own horses at Northfield Park so not only could we bet but we got to go behind the scenes and meet the racers:

None of us really won anything – well I won a whopping $0.50 – but we didn’t really bet all that much either. Just enough to care about the races. It was a very entertaining evening.

Then Sat. night we went to the Beer Engine for some fried pickles in celebration of my friend Dan’s 30th birthday. Seriously if you’ve never had their fried pickles you are missing out on one of Lakewood’s best cuisines. The dill sauce they come with? Amazing.

From there we ended up on a little pub crawl down Madison. I was fine with this, though, because I made half the group break from the crawl for a stop at Malleys. Their icecream is also amazing. And a requirement in motivating a pregnant woman to be the DD on a pubcrawl.

Sunday my mom and I were going to go berry picking… but instead I decided that I needed to nap. All day. I also dyed a little yarn but the main theme of the day was napping. Matt, however, did this:
fall perch fishing
They got their 150 perch limit. 150 fish!!! That’s crazy amounts.
fall perch fishing
Oh and in other Lakewood food news – did you guys know that they just opened a Dewey’s on Detroit? I love that place. There was one by campus at UC in college and we ate there way more than college students ever should have. It’s just a pizza place but... wow. I highly recommend the Billy Goat. Even with having to substitute mozzarella for the goat cheese because I can’t have that right now it’s still really good stuff. Worth checking out.

Ok. I think that’s about all for now. We’re headed to DC for the weekend to celebrate Michele’s 30th in style. Fingers crossed the car ride doesn’t anger the migraine gods!


  1. Fried pickles. I'm trying to wrap my head around that, but...I can't.

  2. so glad you were able to have a nice normal weekend for a change...i'm sure it did more good than you know! can't wait to hit up the beer engine for some fried pickles after i have this baby, assuming that my aversion to pickles goes away after i have her since i used to love them and now the smell makes me gag lol

    tell michele i said happy 30th and go baby daddies - can't believe her team's in 2nd!

  3. So sorry you're having a hard time! :-( On the other hand, that is one cute belly you have there! :-)

    I am now on my 24 week and I have to tell you that after 20-22 weeks, it's like a different pregnancy. While before I was pretty much symptomless, now I feel everything! The baby moves all the time - at first it caught me off guard and I got a tiny worry "ohh what's that? oh something's wrong", probably because I had no really physical feeling before that I was pregnant (well, except the breasts, but let's not talk about that!!!!). Now it just makes me giggle, and I can tell the difference between a kick and just turning around! It's the cutest thing. So don't worry - this phase will pass fast - even though I spend more time worried now that I may do something I shouldn't (carry heavy stuff, etc), it is by far (so far, ask me when I am 8 months!) the best phase because you develop a relationship with the baby that you didn't before. Also, my husband can now actually see the bump (I didn't show until 21 weeks) and feel the baby and that changes completely his interaction with your belly! :-)

  4. Enjoy the normalcy with friends as much as you can. I know it's hard when you are tired or sick and just want to stay home but it really does help to be around everyone and not be a hermit. I'm so worried about how life it going to change once baby is here, 8 months and counting is getting a little scary! I'm trying to figure out how to keep the baby in there forever. : )

  5. The beer engine is one of my favorite places to eat! And I used to *love* Dewey's at UC too (I went there for engineering - '02 grad) so I was pumped that it opened here! I *heart* lakewood! In fact, tonight I'm off to Melt.

    I can't believe I never run into you around here...

  6. Hooray for feeling... well... improved!

  7. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Wow now thats alot of fish. Glad you're feeling better.


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