October 8, 2008


Dear Gizmo Caesar,

So the other afternoon I was reading a Mamapop article on what an idiot P.Diddy is (don’t worry – by the time you’re old enough to remember someone will have ended his celebrity status) and I’ll admit I was squishing you a little. I had my feet propped up on my computer and I was leaning way forward in my chair. Nothing too unusual. But I guess you didn’t like it all that much because …

you kicked me.

This wasn’t a little flutter. Or a butterfly or bubbles any of that sunshine-y business I’ve been reading about. This was a full on “get the hell off of me” kick. It surprised me so much that I jumped a mile in my chair. Seriously that was the weirdest thing I’ve ever felt. You. Kicking me. From inside.

I immediately called your dad to tell him the good news. He was skeptical at first and kept asking me “how do you know it was the baby?” But I know it was you. Mainly because my organs don’t usually fight back.

Anyways I’m so glad to finally feel you dancing around in there! (or, you know, kicking me because you’re annoyed) I just can’t wait to meet you in person. Something tells me you are going to be one interesting little person.


PS – I’m not going to stop squishing you until you kick me again.
PPS – I’d apologize for the nickname but honestly we think it’s kindof awesome. You have weird parents with even weirder friends.


  1. How funny! Mine kicks the computer too, EVERY time it's on my lap I get kicked! kicking is fun! (except in the bladder, that is not so fun)

  2. hahaha... cute! :)

  3. Just wait until you can actually see your belly move when they are kicking and rolling around. Or when you're spooning your belly on your hubby's back and he feels the kick on his back!

    I miss those little kicks! :)

  4. Wait until the baby gets the hiccups. That is the weirdest!

    Bye, Amy

  5. So now that Gizmo Caeser has a nickname, is there a P-Diddy-ish nicknamenickname on the horizon? I'm thinking G.Cae...

  6. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Yeah for kicks, that's one of the coolest parts of pregnancy. :)

  7. omg (to be read O.M.G., not oh my god, just cuz it's funny and proves your point of having weird friends lol) - love love love this post!

    pretty cool feeling, eh? weird, i will admit, but cool just the same.

    i remember the first few times i made jason feel our lil one kick...he kept telling me it was just a muscle twitch and how did i know it was the baby? then he felt her really beating the crap out of me one night and said 'oh - i guess that isn't a muscle twitch afterall - no wonder you can't sleep at night when she's doing that!' lol

  8. ps - i hate it when she gets the hiccups. everyone told me early on 'wait til u feel the hiccups...it's so cool'. uh...not so cool to me. ya know how it's annoying when u have the hiccups cuz u can't really control them? yeah, pretty much the same thing. icky lol

  9. You called yourself mom and dad! Chokes me up a little...

  10. i just got a tear in my eyes at the "love, mom" part.

  11. Awwww, isn't that the most amazing thing? Someday you will be annoyed with those kicks. They will become quite uncomfortable. Enjoy them in the meantime! :-)


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