November 6, 2008

Happy Halloween! Wait… what?

Yeah ok I know I’m pretty late for this post… but since our costumes were so creative this year I figured that it was better late than never this time. So can you guess what we’re making?

It’s not a pink ghost…but it does involve 5 yards of both pink and orange fabric…

And what is Andy doing with those Styrofoam balls?
Very confusing, no? Drumroll....

Yip Yip aliens!!! Remember them from Sesame Street? Here let me refresh your memory:

Andy got it into his head he was going to be one and it was all downhill from there. Carolyn didn’t want to play along (I don’t blame her. Those costumes looked uncomfortable) so we recruited Matt to be the partner alien. It was a good choice – the guys were hilarious together.
So then I faced the challenge of coming up with a pregnant costume… but I’m not pregnant enough to pull of one of the typical ones like pregnant nun or pregnant cheerleader. I’d just look like a fat cheerleader trying too hard and that’s just sad. And any of the “paint your belly like a pumpkin/globe/fishbowl/etc.” ideas just made my skin crawl. I’ll keep my belly securely covered by at least one layer of spandex at all times thankyouverymuch. So I had to get creative… $20 on cheap maternity leggings, a black maternity shirt, a pair of black gloves and some fabric paint later and I had this:
I was a pregnant skeleton! Basically I just sketched out the bones and the baby in dressmakers chalk and then filled it in with white fabric paint. It wasn’t perfect – fabric paint isn’t the most precise of mediums – but I think it turned out pretty cute.
And yes, LB is wearing her bridesmaids dress from my wedding. Totally works as a costume 4 years later. She even had matching accessories!

Anyways we had a great night. We started out at a friends’ house where we were joined by some white trash dudes:

Some ninjas:
A teenaged trick or treator (notice he is NOT wearing his mask):
And Andy Warhol:

Before we headed out to the Garage Bar. The YipYips were a huge hit there. Everyone wanted their picture taken with them – including Mr. T:

And the A-team.

And as a rule drunken muppet = good times.

It was a super fun night. I’m so glad that I was feeling well enough to participate! Of course I spent all weekend recovering… but time on the couch is now time spent knitting so it’s all good. And next year? I get to make a costume for a baby. Now that is going to be fun.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Those are all awesome costumes! The Yip Yips win hands down but I'm particularly giggly over the teenage trick-or-treater. So true! Loved your solution for a costume. hee!

  2. Oh, *squish*, the aliens were my most favorite part of Sesame Street! Cute!

  3. Better late then never. Love the pictures. So many fun costumes! Glad you were able to go out and about to celebrate Halloween.

  4. I love your costume! You did a great job with it. My friend had twins and this was their first halloween... they were a monkey and a lion and so cute.

  5. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Those are cute costumes. Yours is the best. What a fab idea.

  6. Thanks for sharing these! Looks like you guys had a blast! And I love that it looks like your lil baby skeleton is "punching!"

  7. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Love the pregnant skeleton cosutme, very creative! Yips, yips - wonderful. :)

  8. the Yip Yips crack me up! Drunken Muppet = good times. Awesome rule and very true

  9. I love the pregnant skeleton. How creative. The yip yips are pretty hilarious too.

  10. OMG. Those. are. AWESOME! I love the Aliens and your preggie skeleton! Filing those two ideas away to steal... er, I mean borrow... later...

  11. yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip!

  12. Those are all such great costumes! The Yip Yip aliens are a favorite Sesame Street memory--brrrrrring!
    And your pregnant skeleton is priceless. :)
    I wish I had friends creative enough to dress as the A-Team. *sigh*

  13. Your costume is adorable! Love it! I remember those aliens and I will say they look just like them!LOL

  14. The yip yips look great. I can't believe you made those. So creative. I love the baby skeleton too!!!


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