November 4, 2008

I voted today.

Just a quick stop by the blog to say that you still have time left to vote! Polls don’t close in Ohio until 7:30. I voted this morning and despite lots of rumors of long waits in my area we had no wait at all. Of course I didn’t stand in line to use the little voting privacy booths. I just filled in my bubbles on the bleachers. But I’m impatient and I don’t really care if random strangers see that I voted for Obama.

Yes. I voted for Obama.

I was going to write a post about that but never quite got my words together… I think Cool Cleveland summarized it best when they said this:
“More than a new leader, we need a new approach to solving our problems”
Exactly. The same approach and the same way of thinking are going to result in the same outcome. So tonight I hope the entire country turns blue!

Whoever you are voting for, though, this is definitely the election to participate in. And if you do vote here’s some shiny buttons for your blog:

And one really political one:

Yeah for democracy!

Also yeah for a night spent watching election coverage and knitting! Oh yeah - now that knitting doesn’t make me puke there has been lots and lots and lots of knitting….

Edited to Add:

I want that CNN map wall. That looks like the funnest and geekiest thing ever.

Edited to Add (at 9:40):Whoot!!! Blue Ohio!!!! Best news so far tonight. And they haven't even counted Cuyahoga County yet!


  1. Me too! I am crossing my fingers for lots of blue states tonight. : )

  2. i voted today too... i waited about 3 minutes for a machine to open and then voted with a q-tip. a first for me! :)

  3. It took no time at all to vote and no waiting in line! Yeah!! I too am keeping my fingers crossed for a BIG CHANGE!!

  4. Blue Ohio, Please a Blue Ohio, we are so ready for Change.

    My daughter asked for pig tails this morning. Before we saw video of the Obama family voting this morning. Little Sasha was also sporting pig tails. :-)

    Glad you voted and can knit again!

  5. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Good Job! Actually thought of you today having to stand in a line with little petunia. Glad it was swift for you. Will be watching the b. tube and knittin' of course.

  6. WHOA!!!! BARACK 08!!

    Hope you are feeling good over there! :o)

  7. Go Obama!!

    I'm knitting and watching CNN too!!!

  8. OHH I have one of those things at school (a smartboard) they are AWESOME!!!! My bulb burned out one day last year and I wanted to go home! I don't know how to teach with out it anymore! best thing EVER!!!

  9. I voted this morning - thank goodness, because I can only imagine what the line would've been if I'd waited until after work!

  10. I'm glad you contributed to a blue Ohio. It isn't much of a surprise who wins in NY.


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