November 18, 2008

A list of Busy

So the last time I had a big long gap in posting was because I was so pregnant sick that I could barely lift my head off of the couch let alone worry about the blog… This time it’s the exact opposite. I’m finally… FINALLY… starting to feel like myself again. Knock on wood. So the past week and a half has been beyond busy. Let’s see… where to even start… How ‘bout with the most random:

1.) I went on a ridiculous baking jag last weekend.
I don’t even like baking. I only do it once a year at Christmas and that’s under the supervision of not only my mother but my grandmother. Usually I do the kid jobs like unwrapping the Hershey kisses or whatever…so it’s not even like I’m actually baking anything. But for some reason from the moment I woke up Sunday morning I was compelled to make lots and lots of cookies:
No seriously. Matt rolled out of bed at like 11 and by then I had already baked a batch of peanut butter cookies, made dough for 2 more types, and run to the grocery store for more supplies.
Apparently I have lost my damn mind.

2.) Our baby likes live classical music. I’m so not even making this up. Last week we were lucky enough to score tickets to the Cleveland Orchestra event at MOCA and the kid was jamming during the entire performance. I had never felt them move that much at one time. It was pretty crazy… For what it’s worth s/he liked the string quartet the best. So then when I had the opportunity to go to Severance with my mom on Sat. I was super curious to see what the baby would do. ‘Cause it might have just been a fluke. Yeah. Once again baby was jamming. It wasn’t as crazy as at MOCA but def. more than normal. So that’s kindof fun.

3.) We have started to rearrange our house to actually you know… have a baby in it. But because this is us we’re taking about things are starting to snowball. We don’t make little plans for anything. There will be much more on this later but for now let’s just say the next few months are going to be… interesting. Also oddly the baby’s actual room is last on our priority list.

4.) I’m taking prenatal yoga. Very outside my comfort zone. I’m trying… but it’s real hard to “send out peace and love to the universe” on the same day that you confirm that your insurance company only covers 80% of maternity hospitalization. I’d like to put the asshole who thought that was a fair policy’s head on a spike. The stretching part of the class is pretty good, though.

5.) Another extremely unlike me thing to do? Knit monogamously:
Trellis Sweater
Seriously that is the only thing I’ve worked on in like a month. Especially at this time of year with the holidays coming up and the cold causing me to want handknits I’m a completely ADD knitter. But now? I haven’t really been distracted at all:
Trellis Sweater
It’s all green baby sweater all the time. I think it’s the combo of the cables and the color that are holding my attention:
Trellis Sweater
Whatever it is I’m one sleeve and some seaming away from having an actual finished project. First one of those in a while, huh!

6.) I know I owe the internet belly pictures. And ultrasound pictures. Hopefully I’ll get to those soon. But since I haven’t uploaded any of that yet how about a cell phone doggie pic instead:
Dexter likes being the sole dependant.


  1. yum!!

    glad the 'morning' sickness phase is over... smooth sailing now!

    dexter needs to get it in while he can, his days as sole baby will soon be over! he sure looks a lot like sophie (randeep's dog)...they could be sibs, although I think sophie has bigger ears!

  2. Glad you're feeling better and have your energy back!! As for the cookie jag, sounds like a bit of maternal instinct to me. After all, kids NEED cookies. ;)

  3. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Glad you are feeling better. COOKIES! Yummy, reminds me I have to see which ones I make this year. Bummed Archway went out of business so I can't find snowballs (powdered sugared balls with pecans inside.. my fav). So, now I have to make them myself. Sweater is looking great so far. Love the cable work. Dexy so cute.

  4. Wonder how long this baking spell is going to last? Not that I mind (as long as I get to sample) but this is kinda messing up my Jeanne doesn't bake chi

  5. Boy, is it nice to get past the sicky phase! Your description of the prenatal yoga class is hilarious! But I hate that your insurance is so sucky about the maternity benefits. :(

    I just met your cousin Angela recently; she works with my good friend who works across the street from my office. So I foresee us becoming lunch buddies! :)

  6. Yay for feeling better! No wonder you suddenly baked!

    I love,love, love the color of the Trellis.

  7. I wonder if baking like Mrs. Fields is part of that whole nesting thing I've heard about?

    Dude, that baby sweater is looking spectacular!

  8. the baking is hilarious! very interesting. but i am glad you are telling the world that you feel more like yourself. good times.
    i miss dexter.


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