November 26, 2008

So… right. It’s been along time since I did a belly update. Since week 18 which was like forever ago. Anyways the baby has grown from a little week 19 mango:

This pic was taken the day of our ultrasound:
19 weeks

Through the terrifying week 20 cantaloupe (seriously that sounds HUGE):

And the not so scary week 21 banana (how is a banana smaller than a flipping cantaloupe?!):
And is now the size of a papaya.
They will be a papaya from week 22-24 – which I actually have real live belly pics of..

22 Weeks:
22 weeks

23 Weeks (at which point my uterus was officially the size of a soccer ball):
23 Weeks

24 Weeks:
24 weeks

Dexter looks as thrilled to be awake as I was this morning.

So I’m at 24 weeks now…
24 weeks

which means that the baby is about 12 inches long measured from head to feet. For reference that would be this big:

I think everyone should have a $5 footlong this week in celebration. That or a footlong hotdog but who would ever want to eat that. Ew.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!!


  1. LOVE the bump pictures! Thanks for sharing them!!! And I love how your poochie looks in the one picture!

  2. I really love the fact you wear the same outfit with each status pic!

    Too funny @ subway!

    You are looking great woman!

    Have a woderful THANKSgiving!!

  3. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Awww you're glowing. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  4. wow! you for reals look really pregnant now. no one should confuse this with being fat! (not that someone has done that to you, but we have discussed this problem)
    yea, how is a banana bigger than a cantalope? uterus the size of a soccer ball! insane.

  5. You look so cute in all your photos. It's fun to see the weekly progression I hope you keep it up.

  6. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Love the bump pictures! You are looking like the proverbial "glowing" pregnant lady. :)

  7. yea for belly pictures!!! you look wonderful.

  8. Very cute bump pics! We must have big melons around here (hehehehe), because cantaloupes are definitely bigger than papayas in these parts!

  9. You are looking very fine--as is the baby. I just discovered my sonogram pic for my son (who is now 24) and the tiny footprints they took in the hospital the day he was born (who would have thought those tiny feet grew up to be humongous tootsies). Be sure to save all those so you can whip them out at a strategic point in your baby's life. We were both rather amused by them.

  10. love the pics and the corresponding methods of measurement...

    I do have a weakness for tuna subs from subway, think I have tomorrow's lunch outing planned! should have checked in earlier today.... oh well, there were leftovers calling me.

    hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and a good start to the 'holiday season'

  11. So does this sum up how you were feeling:


    :) :) :)


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