December 24, 2008

Bah Humbug

I haven’t really been feeling this Christmas thing at all this year since:
  1. We’re not doing any entertaining over the holidays.

  2. However, in 3 weeks we’re having over a dozen out of town friends staying at our house for a party-like-it’s-the-4th-of-July weekend… which although is super-fun is also the deadline for getting all of the reorganizing and home improvements finished. We’re not even close.

  3. We didn’t put up any decorations because of 1 & 2. Not even a Christmas tree or stockings or anything.

  4. We’re not exchanging gifts because nothing we could buy each other is as important as saving for maternity leave

  5. We drastically reduced what we usually buy for other people because nothing we could buy for anyone is as important as saving for maternity leave

  6. I didn’t have time to make hardly any of my Christmas gifts because of the whole Get the House Ready for Our New Life Plan. And it’s just not nearly as fun or exciting to order all of your gifts from the internets.

  7. This Christmas seems so lame in comparison with next Christmas – and with every other Christmas from now on. Because from now on we get to do Christmas as parents. How much fun is that?! Really blows the doors off of anything we have planned for this year.

  8. Um. I’m working on growing an entire human being here. So yeah…I’ve kindof got OTHER SHIT ON MY MIND.
But this week is a week of Holiday Cheer so I've sucked up my thoughts of “Really? We have to do this Christmas thing? Why?” in favor of a more Holly Jolly approach.

Friday night a big group of us went to Prosperity Social Club to get our Scrabble on. It’s hard to be a Grinch at that place – the combo of sweet potato fries and really cute kitchy decorations could make anyone’s heart grow 10 sizes in one day.

(pic from here on flickr)

Then Saturday was Cookie Day. Every year my mom, grandma, Carolyn, and I get together and make cookies all day. This year I did remember to have my dad take a picture of us but I kindof don’t want to post it because I look …. Well…

Cookie day
Comically large. The apron is not a good look for the pregnant lady. Also when did my face start looking so pregnant?! But it was a super fun day. We made something like 11 different types of cookies - and they are all delicious. Cookie Day is probably my favorite tradition of the season.

Tonight is our Christmas Eve dinner with my parents - always a good time. And the whole weekend is filled with parties - both with family and friends. So yeah...I think I might finally be in the mood for this Christmas thing!


  1. Jeanne... you look great! Like a happy pregant lady! Don't worry about it!

    And I remember that kitchen! And your crazy cookie and chocolate adventures! Wow! And are those pazells (sp?) in the corner of the picture??? mmmmm!

    Merry christmas!

  2. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Ohh... you look fine.. just adorable... soon as you pop out the cumquat you'll shrink back to normal. Cookie day(s) are my favorite too because I'm no so much a cake person unless there's lots of frosting. Anyhow, Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Oh boy, don't worry at all about looking pregnant because, well, you are! You look great BTW. And cookie day sounds like a lot of fun. Just wait though, that little peanut will be helping you decorate gingerbread in a couple of years and it will put a whole new spin on cookie day! Fun times ahead!


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