December 5, 2008

Musical Friday

Right so my glucose test on Monday spun me into a 2 day migraine that I’m still recovering from. It was awful. Seriously ‘effing around with the blood sugar levels of a migraine sufferer has got to be the Worst Idea Ever. But the good news is that I’m fine, baby is fine, and all continues to be healthy! My mom came to the appointment with me so she got to hear the baby’s heartbeat which was pretty cool. Only a few more months to go! I’m getting to the point where I just can’t wait to meet this kid…

Anyways in lieu of actual content (I have a half finished post about baby registries and some knitting pics that I’m too muddled to finish right now) how about some random musical numbers?

You will probably find this one hilarious if you live in or around Cleveland at this time of year:

Oh Christmas Ale

And this just cracked me up:

Prop 8 the Musical \
The jazz hands at the end destroyed me. I’m fairly certain that at least 2 of the 4 musicals I’ve been in ended with that same move.

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll be spending mine dealing with all of this:
Our Car leaving Ikea
Our car leaving the Pittsburgh Ikea last weekend

Let the organization begin!


  1. I rarely get migraines . . . maybe one every few years . . . but when my blood-sugar is spiking or crashing I often end up with head-aches. So I can see how a glucose test would bring on a migraine - not fun!! I'm glad to hear the test results were good though. Here's hoping for no more headaches for a good long while!

  2. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Hope the headaches will go away soon. Could it be baby stuff in that trunk of yours?

  3. OMG that Christmas Ale video is funny! I'll have to email to hubby's friend, He's already on his second Keg of it this year! He has a Kegerator and even the the little Christmas ale handle!

  4. Hey, is the Pittsburgh Ikea still under construction? I've never been there, but I know some of the Cincinnati Ikea people were all, "Come to our Ikea since Pittsburgh's is under construction!" I've been having this urge to go to Ikea lately, and I'm debating whether to try Pittsburgh or just go back to the Cincinnati one. An ikea trip may wind up being my Christmas present. :)

  5. Wow, it looks like IKEA went well!! I'm sorry about the migraine. I hope you were able to hide from reality during that time.
    Oh, and the Prop 8 musical is great!

  6. I bet one of the good things about being pregnant is that Matt had to carry in all the stuff from the car. Your delicate condition and all.
    Am I the only one who's slightly terrified of Ikea?

  7. I hope you are feeling better now and that you had a great weekend...


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