December 9, 2008

Phase II Progress

Scene: The pile of boxes and debris that used to be our house; sometime this past Sunday...

Matt: “Need anything at Home Depot?”
Jeanne: “You’re going back there again?”
Matt: “Shutup. 3 times in 48 hours is not excessive at all.”
Jeanne: “Duct tape, wood glue, and WD-40.”
Matt: “Why do you need WD-40?”
Jeanne: “So you will stop asking me if we have any WD-40.”

We’re in the throes of Phase II of our Get the House Ready for Our New Life plan and it’s getting a bit crazy. Phase I was complete a few weeks ago but it was cleaning out the attic which wasn’t all that interesting or blog worthy. Phase II, however, is much more fun and involves many more tools. Hopefully – barring any more Home Depot trips – I will have photographs to share soon! It’s very exiting… oh and nope. Phase II is not the baby’s room. That won’t get done until somewhere around Phase 8 or 9ish because something tells me that an infant probably doesn’t give a shit about matching accessories. Worst case scenario I finish all that up on maternity leave.

So in the meantime check out the Birthday Cowl I knit to go with my maternity coat:
birthday cowl
Pretty! Malabrigo! Instant gratification project! Stash yarn!
birthday cowl
Of course in an ideal world I’d knit a hat to go with it… I even sketched out some ideas for a fair isle pattern in these colors:
birthday cowl
But I don’t have time for that right now. I have curtains to hem.


  1. Anonymous8:00 PM

    I love those colors together, and might I add you are so, so cute preggers. Much cuter than I Ever felt in that state!

  2. Oh that cowl is yummy and LOVE the green/purple combo.

    Sounds like you are making great progress getting the house ready for baby.

  3. OHH love the cowl! the colors are great!

    and my hubby would agree with yours, 3 times in 48 hours not excessive...We may have had a 4 or 5 times in 48 hours once!!!

  4. Very pretty, and I love the shades of green.

    DH developed quite a Home Depot addiction this summer as he got the garden underway. In a way, I'm glad there's not much to do for the next few months so our credit card can recover. (But I do have compost bins, 12 huge tomato cages, and the fixings for deer-proof planting cages for next spring.)

  5. Totally not excessive Jeanne. Paul's gone 3-4 time in one day.

  6. We have a saying in our family that it's not a real project without three trips to the hardware store.

  7. Jeanne, I love the colors! So pretty! Those are the colors of Evan's room that we chose to be neutral just because I loved the sage Classic Pooh decor. And no, he doesn't care that the colors match a year later!

    Oh and when my dad and I were doing the drain for the tub in our new bathroom, we went to Lowes (closer than HD by 10 minutes, though Mom works for HD so don't tell her we cheated!) 4 times in 2 hours!!!! The larger projects are even worse! :) Good luck with Phase 1! I think we are still on Phase 3, a year later... :)

  8. That is the prettiest Malabrigo cowl I have ever seen! And the future hat colors look awesome together.

  9. Such a purty cowl!

    And dude, my husband's been to Home Depot more than three times in one day before, so three times in two is actually not bad...


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