January 22, 2009

Can twitter solve my fears about maternity leave?

Ok this is just a scatterbrained list of random but at least I have some belly updates in here and that’s fun.

1.) I am still waiting to blog the shower because people have still not sent me pictures. **Impatiently tapping foot** I uploaded all of mine to this set on flickr, though.

2.) This month – month 7 - Gizmo has been the size of a squash:

Not super descriptive. But it looks a little something like this... 29 Weeks Pregnant:
29 weeks pregnant
Look I still have only one chin!

And then I missed 2 weeks because I was super crazy busy getting ready for to have lots of people staying with us. So that brings us to 32 weeks pregnant:
32 weeks pregnant
Not so much with the single chin anymore. Also perhaps I should not take these pictures first thing in the morning before I have makeup on. Or am awake. Gah!

Not like there’s anything I can do about it, though. I’m right on track with my weight gain as horrifying as that seems. My 32 week appointment was yesterday and really everything is looking good. Except for the multiple chins.

3.) The baby is now jamming so much that the belly movements are visible from across the room. Also are starting to literally hurt. It’s great the kid has bones and all but pointy! Also for some strange reason Dexter seems to like feeling the baby move. So I end up with the dog leaning on the baby and baby kicking dog because the dog is all up in their business.
Baby Shower!
What. I like my sibling. Makes a great pillow.

4.) I only have 36 days of work left before my due date. So I’m starting to really think about maternity leave and what all that is going to mean. And my biggest fear (other than the no salary thing. That is so scary thinking about it makes me go fetal so we’ll table that issue for now) is the lack of adult human contact. I’m pretty sure if I have to rely on Matt as my only vein into the real world it will drive us both COMPLETELY INSANE. I need ma peoples! So my friends and I are experimenting with Twitter. I’ve generally been anti-twitter because it seems too much like brain vomit. What I like about blogs is that they are edited stories and not just drivel. The whole “noone cares what you ate for lunch” theory. But I’m guessing that for at least a little while after the baby is born all I’m going to be capable of is unedited brain vomit. And Twitter seems to be the place for quick little updates as opposed to well thought out blog entries. Plus I can do that all from a cell phone and not have to be chained to a computer – which will be nice when I’m wrangling a newborn. So yeah…we’ll see how it goes.

5.) Michele sent this picture from back in the day:

Top row: Jason, Heather, Nancy, Shayne (Michele’s husband) Bottom Row: Matt (my husband), Me, Dan.

It was taken winter break our freshman year of college – so over 10 years ago. What happened was that we all met in Cleveland and went to the Rock Hall and then it started SNOWING. So my parents’ suggested that instead of people driving all the way home to places like Pennsylvania and Canton perhaps they should stay the night – and rent the Shining since it was appropriate. I had never seen the movie before and it scared the crap out of me. Goodtimes.

6.) It’s that time of year again. Ski superpipe is tonight and those bad boys are the craziest of them all. I can’t wait!


  1. You look great!

    The first couple of months were not great for me. We were the first of our friends to have a baby and I was sorely in need of others that understood what was going on. I ended up meeting some great women at my local La Leche League and that helped tremendously. (Warning -- LLL can be dogmatic and I have my issues with it, but for nursing help they are outstanding. If you have an issue that a lactation consult. can't help you with, call LLL. Those ladies usually have more experience than the paid hospital employees.) We also have neighborhood family resource centers over here in CH that have get togethers for new parents. Let me know if you need any help getting connected.

  2. Facebook is another great way to keep in touch with other people while you are home. I have a Mom friend who I chat with more in Facebook more then I did when she lived 10 minutes away, but now lives several states away.

    I don't know how long you plan to take leave but you could consider checking out your local chapter of Mom's Club or MOPS.

    Agreed that LLL can be a great resource for breastfeed info and support.

  3. twitter = brain vomit. I love it!

    being a peddler of technology, with blogger you can post directly from a mobile phone. if you have a smart phone like a blackberry, it is 10x easier and faster. that way you can semi edit your brain vomit, and not dumb yourself down!

    From one Clevelander to another, the Rock Hall is awesome and we should really lobby to get the inductions ceremonies here 100% of the time.

  4. Hmmm...I noticed you said, "all up in their business." Their? Is that a little "I'm having twins" slip o' the tongue? Hmmmm?

  5. I've had friends that have joined new parent's groups and said that it really helped. And you look fantastic! I love the dress that you wore at your shower, it was really cute.

  6. i'll be so sad if you don't blog baby gizmo. stories and pictures. stories and pictures! a little time consuming yes but oh so fun to go back and look at your blog to see how much gizmo has grown or look things up bc you still haven't filled in that baby book. i'm telling you find a mommy group. check out meetup.com mine talks about so many different things on the message board you have other mommies to discuss world topics with or just ask them what they think about whatever baby question you have that day.

    ps. i was just going through my albums the other day and found lots of pictures even one of matt from a tequila tasting. it was so funny!

  7. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I see mommy groups on meetup.com. Also check out Momslikeme.com. They advertise that on WKYC all the time. Cute website with lots of info. You look great btw. Hang in there.

  8. I found that it wasn't that hard to meet other moms. Around here there are a lot of "mommy and me" groups, and even one online through our local newspaper (which, of course didn't exist when I was a new mom).

    For the first few weeks, you will be so busy you won't even have time to think about other adult humans, and by time you do, spring will be here and you'll be able to take the baby out rgularly. The low-tech local playground was a great place for me to connect with other moms.

  9. You look fantastic! I like that red top, too.

    Oddly, I'm really looking forward to not dealing with too many adult-type people once Gnarly's here. But I hope Twitter helps!

  10. LOVE the belly pix! hang in there... you have done GREAT with the healthy weight gain! I am trying to lose a ton of weight so I can even get pregenant... sigh.. .and then be extremely careful not to gain it all back!

  11. Oh, the bones. I don't miss the bones! Evan would find the most awkward places to kick me. One day, when I was standing at my boss's desk discussing a project, Evan rolled over and I KNOW my boss saw! He was all bones until... oh until he was a month old!!

    Oh, and GO STEELERS!! That's more for Matt & Gizmo than for you. Yes, Gizmo should be a Steeler fan! :)

  12. popping in from I don't give 2 cents - adam's blog.... anyway - having four wee ones, I giggle at your cute belly shots! I gained such and obscene amount of weight with my kids! I stopped looking at the scale and decided to make sure whatever I ate was healthy - look at the food, not the scale! Thanks for letting me peek at your blog!


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