January 30, 2009


So I have a question. Why don’t businesses have snow days? Because Wed. was just ridiculous. The drive into downtown looked like this:
Why was this not a snow day?
Yeah. It took us over an hour to drive a commute that usually takes 20 min tops.
Why was this not a snow day?
Finally the City sent out a memo that basically advised businesses to close… and at around 2:30 my boss sent everyone home.

Anyways! I was so bored on the way into work that I took a few pictures of the sock I’m working on:
X Sock
It’s that Destination Yarn World Traveler colorway…
X Sock
Not super thrilled with the way it’s pooling but I didn’t hate it enough to rip out and start over at a different gauge. I really, really like the color combo, though!
X Sock
The pattern is my own… It’s just a basic pair of guy socks on size 1.5 needles that I started running a P2, K2, P2 down the sides of. I got bored of that pretty quickly and decided to move the ribbing over 1 stitch every 2 rows. It’s forming nifty X’s and I think it will transition nicely to the foot.

In other news we’re in the home stretch with this pregnancy thing…. And like the books said would happen a lot of my first trimester symptoms have come back. Especially the Tired. Oh the Tired. But it’s a different kindof tired… the best way I can explain it is that before my brain was tired and now my body is tired. If that even makes any sense. The nausea is here too but not nearly as bad as in the beginning – and (knock on a giant block of wood) there has been no puking. Heartburn so bad I feel it all the way up to the back of my eyeballs – but no puking.

Also according to one book Gizmo is now the size of a full grown duck:

Which is awesome.
33 weeks pregnant
33 weeks pregnant.

Also awesome? The boxes in the background are because we are finally getting the nursery together! Yay for shower gifts!

And I have to say that even with the return of the first trimester symptoms the third trimester is much funner than the early bit of this pregnancy was. For three reasons:
  1. The end is in sight.
  2. It is obvious that I’m pregnant now. So if I have a wave of nausea at work or if I’m not exactly my productive self one day people understand and don’t just think I’m a slacker. I was so worried about that in the beginning!
  3. This is the big one: I can feel the baby moving all the time. It’s a constant reminder that no matter how bad any of it gets it’s so very, very, very worth it.
And because it’s Friday and I love me some random on Fridays… check out this graph my friend Sarah sent me:

It’s true! It’s true!

And whatever Slate says…
How many babies can fit inside one woman?
THIS pregnant lady can only fit one baby.

Also the twitter experiment is going swimmingly so far. If you want to follow me I’m Sourire11.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. LOL! I saw that graph today and thought of you. Yes the graph is true.

  2. why don't businesses have snow days. I was fortunate not to work downtown.

    I have learned several things about Cleveland.
    1. Who ever calls schools off for Cleveland needs to be fired.
    2. Who ever calls schools off for CSU needs to be fired

    Ok not several but 2 rather.

  3. I try to make it a practice to never pat pregnant ladies bellies! I can't imagine! My one friend had a stranger come up to her in Wal-Mart and LIFT HER SHIRT UP and pat her belly..Seriously, she didn't even know the person..now that person I might have killed if I were her!!!!

  4. LOL, that graph is the awesome!

  5. Hehehehe that's a funny graph. You're looking good! Sorry you're feeling all tired and nauseous. Hopefully that will pass soon. The end is in sight!

  6. I found your blog on random (searching old wives tales and pregnancy) and I loved your diagram on what you want vs what people THINK you want. The same is happening to me! Everyone thinks I should want pickles and ice cream. I HATE pickles. Always have, always will. The day I want one, well, I don't know what that'll mean. And I do not want to hear about the pains people have gone through - I'm going through enough!

  7. go check out my latest blog titled, "and the winner is..."


  8. You look lovely! Hang in there, Jeanne.

  9. Angela8:53 PM

    At least your boss closed the office. My work is like the post office....we never close.

  10. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Hang loose Momma won't be long now... just think baby will be in time for Spring...

  11. You got horrid snow too? What a coincidence! So did we, and my mom's planning on driving to work in the stuff. . .wowzers.
    And I agree with the 2nd poster, but in terms that the person that decides snow days at my school needs to be fired!

  12. loving twitter...and loving your preggo pics...you are ADORABLE!!

  13. Love the graph. If one more person offers me those repugnant green soggy pickled things, I will unleash Pregnancy Hormones of DOOM.

  14. Anonymous12:02 AM

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