January 15, 2009

The Final Countdown

Gizmo is due is exactly 2 months from today.

Which on one hand…

2 months! Oh Yay! We’re finally going to meet this little person we created and we finally get to see what they look like and what their personality is like and get to actually know what body part that is instead of just playing the “I think that might have been a foot” game and I don’t have to be pregnant anymore and we finally get to be parents and I. Am. So. EXCITED!

But on the other hand…

2 months?! Oh Shit! We have so much to do… the birthing class hasn’t even started yet and the baby’s room isn’t anywhere near done and we’re actually going to be parents and in charge of an entire other human being and we can’t even make sure that Dexter takes his medication every day not to mention that stupid dog just cost us $80 because of a “skin condition” and how are we going to afford things like that when I’m not working full-time and I. Am. So. TERRIFIED!

I’m guessing this is a normal response.

So since I know a lot of people who read this are parents what do you guys suggest for the final countdown? Anything that absolutely should be on our to-do list? I mean we have a list of the obvious things – set up nursery, wash baby clothes, assemble all of the plastic goods, get changing table ready, buy diapers/nursing tops/wipes, etc… but what else am I missing?

And just so this post isn’t completely about the baby I’m happy to report that the Arrested Development Movie is finally happening. In honor of that – and of our final countdown – how about a magic... I mean illusion... courtesy of GOB?


  1. So excited for you guys.

    Here is a suggestion for the more then likely aching and sore Momma to be. See if a local spa does Mother to be massage, they will have a pad with a space for your tummy so you won't be putting pressure on Gizmo.

    I had one during each of my two pregnancies, it was so nice to be on my stomach if only for a few minutes. Yes she kept away from my feet. Both were wonderful.

    Good luck with your preparation. Don't worry you will do great!

  2. normal freak out. you'll be fine. just enjoy the kicking! ;) i agree prenatal massage! don't wash everything- just the newborn stuff. go to the movies. read. go out to dinner. hang out with your friends. and SLEEP! For goodness sake sleep all you can. try and save it up somehow. those first few weeks are brutal. if you have no plans of grandmoms coming to take care of you or neighbors dropping of dinners, make lots of meals and freeze them. find a moms group you can join great for advice. interview several pediatricians. have your carseat checked by a professional once you install it. oh and buy a large supply of feminine pads, all different absorbencies, Matt is not going to want to do this and there is no way you are leaving the house once you get home to go to the store. and pack your bag to the hospital, you don't want to be packing it after your water has already broken like I did!

  3. Is it down to two months already? Wow, the time has flown!

  4. My comment was going to be to pack your hospital bag and don't forget your own robe. I was rushed after my water broke and forgot the things I didn't already have in a pile on the chair.

    Also if you are not going to be nursing you must have a head of cabbage on hand. It is a life saver when the milk is trying to dry up and you are in agony. A little in a sports bra was the BEST feeling.

  5. I agree with Phoebe. Enjoy your sleep and get plenty of it. Now is not the time to be pulling all-nighters! :)

    I'm pretty sure the only thing that is completely non-optional for babies is a car seat, properly installed. I don't think they'll let you take the baby home without one. Well, and diapers.

    If you are nursing, I would recommend having a good breast pump on hand.

  6. Get as much sleep as you can. If Gizmo is like my son, you won't be sleeping through the night for about six months.

    People told me not to get the 3-month sizes of things like onesies, and that was a mistake. Even though I didn't need them for long, it was handy to have at least a few of them.

  7. I found your blog through another blog, and being a fellow clevelander, I feel I must try and give you advice.

    All the above advice is the best advice you could get.

    The advice I will give is more or less in the vein of being with the other party to your pregnancy.

    Your lives are about to change forever, and don't forget each other. A lot will be centered around Gizmo and often times relationship could be strained in the first few months of Gizmo's arrival.

    Besides that, don't listen to every little thing. If you read all the books on being parents, it would just scare you. You'll be surprised but your instincts are usually right. Any questions, always ask your doctor!

  8. Anonymous4:22 PM

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  9. Anonymous4:32 PM

    One more thing: If you don't have a CVS customer care card... trust me... get one!

  10. i'm a little behind on my blog-reading, but wow.. two months (less by now) - definitely normal to be in a bit of freak-out mode. everyone has already given great advice. mine would be more of the same, but mostly just get plenty of jeanne-time w/ tons of sleep and just relaxing lazy rest. oh yeah, and do some nice relaxing lazy funtimes stuff w/ matt...it might be hard to get together-time in for awhile after gizmo comes, and you are gonna miss the just-the-two-of-you stuff, so get in all you can now. lastly, and this is from my recent experience, and everyone is different, so it may not pertain, but prepare your mind for the fact that labor & delivery is gonna be tough (but worth it, of course - it's all worth it) and recovery afterwards, no matter what kind of birth you have, might be pretty tough, too, but it is a temporary thing and you will get back to normal one day. give yourself a break and please please please call me ANYTIME (or email, text, twitter) you have any questions...not that i'm a pro, but you know what i mean...it's all fresh in my head and if anything, we can work thru this stuff together. sooooo excited for you, jeanne. just enjoy this final time that you have before your life becomes forever belonging to your lil one! xoxo


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