January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

So yeah… I kept approximately none of my resolutions from last year. In fact we were looking back at 2008 the other day (as everyone was) and I pretty much feel like I accomplished nothing. Except for two things:

1.) get pregnant
2.) survive pregnancy

There are literally whole months of ’08 that are a blur. Like September? What even happened then? Did we leave the house at all? Oh yeah… I threw up a lot. And slept an insane amount. And that’s about it. Ugh.

2009 is going to be SO much more fun.

Anyways how about some random holidayness to finish off the year?

Christmas Eve dinner at my parent’s was funtimes. We ate our traditional steak dinner:
Christmas Eve 2008
mmmm… individual roasts….

And admired my parents’ not so traditional tree:
Christmas Eve 2008
Close up all of the decorations are fishing lures:
Christmas Eve 2008

Not just any lures – my dad designed and manufactured them. He’s going to launch a website selling them sometime soon. If you’re into fishing they are the Peerless Predator Lures and they are awesome.
Christmas Eve 2008

We did our traditional Christmas Morning Family Portrait even though we had no tree or presents to pose in front of this year:
Christmas Morning 2008
This year we used a little Santa toy to get Dexter to look at the camera. Next year I’m guessing that sentence will be the same only with “baby” substituted for “Dexter.” Matt’s wearing the one and only gift that we exchanged with each other – but that is deserving of its own post.

The rest of the week was spent in a blur of holiday parties – both with family and friends. I have no pictures of any of it, though, because for some reason I kept forgetting my camera. So now I’m waiting for people to send me pictures… hint.

I did have a few days off and on Tuesday I joined the afternoon sit and knit at Birds of a Feather. So much more fun to be at a yarn store at 3:00 on a Tuesday than at work! But dangerous. The Cleveland Knits West group is doing a Shalom Cardigan knit along and I got sucked in completely. Here’s what it looks like:

Pic from here on flickr

But I’m going to knit a version that looks more like this:

Pic from here on flickr

I figure the 3 buttons at the top with the open bottom should look nice both now and post-maternity. I’m knitting an in-between size so it should possibly work out. At least I keep telling myself that… good thing it’s a quick knit!
Shalom Cardigan Progress
Most of that was accomplished on National Hangover Day – which we spent as God intended: on the couch with good friends, bad movies, and pizza.
Shalom Cardigan Progress
Btw the only one who can match the “we need pizza STAT” enthusiasm of a group with a hangover is a pregnant lady. I was all over that business.
Shalom Cardigan Progress
Happy 2009 Everyone!


  1. happy new year, girlie! those steaks look deeelish, the sweater amazing and the new project looks kick@$$, too!

    no prob about not making it over the other day. can't wait to see you, but not in a hurry to get the ff winnings, so whenever works for you is fine w/ me!

  2. Very neat! @ parent's Xmas tree

    Love Matt's sweater can't wait for the F.O. post.

    Giggle @ substitute Dexter for Baby next year.

    Gurl!! How about I just printed off the Shalom Cardi and fav'd a ton of them the one you posted being one! Haha!

    I like more than one button too on it. And I am lurvin' your RED!!

    Happy New Year Jeanne!

  3. Happy New Year!!! Even though 2008 was a blur, you have a major accomplishment to show for it!! :) Those steaks have me drooling, and I haven't even had breakfast yet. And the cardi . . . I just love it. I think you are right, it will look great both pre- and post-pregnancy. How many sweaters can a girl say that about??

  4. Ooh love that cardigan! I think it'll look great on you as you transition from pregnancy to post-pregnancy.

    We're getting closer, eh? How much longer?

  5. I'm sure that 2009 will be a great year for you. You Shalom looks
    f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!!! I am so in love with that color. I haven't even finished mine and I already want to make another in red brown sheep.

  6. Yum! See even you dad is talendted and "crafty" is in his own way! Very cool!

    Still in love with your Shalom...me still NO yarn!

  7. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Happy New Year! The cardi is very pretty. I love the color you choose. May the new year bring you lots of joy!

  8. I love your Shalom style cardi ! Which yarn did you use ? This color looks so beautiful...
    Congratulations !


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