February 5, 2009

Out of control and asleep

So one thing I’m constantly amazed by with this whole pregnancy business is how completely out of my control my own body is. For example:

The other morning I woke up and was feeling really nauseous. So I called into work to let them know I was going to be late and got the answering machine. I didn’t leave a message since I knew the receptionist would be in soon and I’d rather talk to a person than leave a message. Right. I then proceeded to fall completely, dead-to-the-world asleep on the couch without meaning to at all. I wasn’t even in the comphy couch spot! I didn’t even have my pregnancy pillow fortress set up!

Later on when Matt tried to call me at work and I wasn’t there he was a bit concerned since he left me awake and fully intending to go in. When he called my cell and noone answered he became real concerned. And by the time he tried me at home with no result he was flat out freaked out. So he called my office and asked the receptionist where I was… and they didn’t know. Neither did anyone else in the office. And when I’m not going to be there I always call in.

Mass Panic! Hysteria! Ohmygod where is the pregnant lady!!!

Finally all of the frantic phone calls (now from both Matt and my coworkers) woke me out of my stupor at about 2:30ish. Good thing, too, because that was the last time Matt was going to call before he drove home in a panic to make sure I was still alive.

The really freaky part? Even after sleeping all day I was asleep before 10 that night.

I am being ruled by a 5lb creature who demands sleep and there’s not much I can do about it.


  1. Wow! Baby has hit a growth spurt. The bright side is that baby has hit 5lbs and can probably safely survive just about any time now. Hang in there, Jeanne!

  2. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Awww poor thing. The combo of everything probably had you so exhausted that you really hadn't realized how much. Hang in there you're almost at the finish line.

  3. Wow! that is crazy!

  4. Oh wow. Your body must really have needed the rest.

  5. love that story - love it! that bebe must be growin' in there and needed some quiet time to do so. wait til gizmo is here and needs some growin' time...it's not always as peaceful and restful and passing out on the couch, let me tell ya haha rest up, girlie!

  6. I feel like that, but some how I make my butt get up and move so that I'm not asleep on the couch. I don't know what my coworkers and boss would do if I just didn't show up. They'd probably send someone over to my house, which of course wouldn't work if I was that asleep on my couch as my couch is in the back of my house! Glad you woke up in time!

    I am 25 weeks along, getting close to my last trimester! I have definitely felt it lately, as I don't want to get up and I feel like the marshmallow man. How far are you?

  7. pregnancy pillow fortress made me laugh out loud. Loud enought that people in the library turned and looked at me. oops.

  8. I felt like that too. When I was pregnant, the not-very-good TV show "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" was on during primetime, and the running joke around here was that I never saw any of it after 8:30 PM. I'd just zonk out shortly after dinner and not wake until the next morning.

    And then there was visiting the restroom about ten minutes after I had already visited the restroom.

    It won't last much longer.

  9. And once that little one is in your arms, this will all have been so phenomenally worth it.

    Hang in there babe, you're in the homestretch now.

  10. I'm sure everyone was glad you were ok. I got the best advice from someone before my oldest was born. Get all the sleep you can now.

  11. Love the pregnancy pillow fortress! John bought me so many pillows that there wasn't any room left for him, but it was soooo necessary!

    Almost there! I wish I could tell you that the sleep gets better, but I'm sure you know the cliches by now! Take care!


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