February 25, 2009

The state of things

Right. So I realized that if I drop off the face of the planet for a week everyone is going to start flipping out and thinking I had a baby or something… so I thought I’d do an update. Things are beyond crazy right now ... this is a little scatterbrained…

Our Kitchen:

The kitchen is coming along… there have been several issues along the way (of course there were) but it's going. I was going to post some progress pics but decided not to. Our finishes are beautiful but don’t really look it with a layer of construction dust covering everything. So instead let me show you the carnage throughout the rest of the house:
What our house looks like
Is that a stove in your dining room or are you just happy to see me?

Yeah. It’s BAD. The photographs don’t quite do the amount of dust this project has generated justice. And if the baby comes before all of that goes away… *cries*


I am currently 37 weeks aka 9 months pregnant. Which means that Gizmo is totally, completely, and without a doubt full term. Also the size of a watermelon.

Here I am at 36 weeks:
36 Weeks
I missed both 34 and 35 due to the turmoil that our house is in right now… also the backdrop changed because the previous one is now hermetically sealed in plastic in the hopes of keeping construction dust out of the baby’s room. But, bottom line? I’m large:
36 Weeks
According to my doctor I’m right on track with everything. My body is starting to prepare for labor (aka lots of contractions) and the baby could come at any time. However a 3 week early baby is pretty rare so Babywatch 2009 doesn’t officially begin until March 1.


We had our third and final ultrasound last Thursday:

Baby picture goes here. I can't get to the scanner. See above house disaster area.

According to the scan Gizmo now weighs about 6lbs 3oz. Totally newborn sized. I was pretty freaked by how BIG that sounded but he/she is in the 32nd percentile – meaning that this is actually a pretty tiny baby. My doctor thinks that he/she won’t get too much bigger than 7lbs total before birth because there's just not room for any more.

I’m going to keep kicking you under the ribs until your body makes more room for me. You don’t need those pesky organs, do you? - Gizmo

Also baby is head down which is good. Although I'm pretty sure they are in there doing this:

How we’re handling everything:

Lots and lots of vodka.

Well that’s how we would be handling things… but since we’re broke and pregnant instead the main coping mechanism is this:
That would be our bedroom - the one room in the house that isn’t completely disrupted by the renovations. The pack ‘n play that my wonderful girlfriends got me is all set up and ready with diapers, etc, and my hospital bag is packed. I spent a huge chunk of time clearing off memory cards so our cameras are good to go. And we took the hospital tour on Monday so we know what's what with how this all goes down. Even if Gizmo decides to make his/her grand entrance nowish I’m ready. I’ll just live up here until the kitchen is done.

I really, really, really hope the baby doesn't come before the kitchen is done.


  1. yay for 37 wks, yay for a good u/s, yay for a ready to fill pack n play, yay for progress on the kitchen and yay for the twitter to let me know when you posted cuz i haven't thought about checking my bloglines lately! that's alot of yay's! but mostly YAY for gizmo only being a few weeks away from gracing us with his/her presence - just can't wait to meet your lil bundle o' joy! :)))

  2. Yah for full term! And yeah for an update! Was wondering too! Hang in there and we are hoping and praying mom & baby have a safe, healthy and easy delivery! Get Matt to keep us posted! :)
    **hugs Jeanne**

  3. You're looking good! No matter how big you say you are, you look good! You'll get that kitchen done in time!

  4. You are still wearing your rings!! That is so cool! You can't claim to be large if you are still wearing your rings :). Good job!

    And Matt better get crackin' on that kitchen...

    Thinking of you!

  5. I can't wait for the new baby post! I hope everything goes smoothly. And that diaper changing station on the pnp, so handy! Matt get to work on that kitchen - That baby could come any minute now. I'm so glad you packed your bag too, I thought I had time at 37 weeks but I was SO wrong. :)


    love it.

    hope the kitchen is done before the baby too!

  7. You look soo cute!

    Good luck with finishing the kitchen!! That is NEVER fun (I can't imagine going through it prenant!)

  8. You look so darn cute.

  9. I don't think you should have made that last statement. I took off "a week early" to prepare for the baby, and he was born that night--at 6 lbs, 3 oz (you'd never know that now).

  10. Wow! Has this gone by fast for you as it did for me?!? LOL

    You are lookin' great gurl and more than ready! Everything will work out and be in place.

    LOL @ Babywatch 2009!

  11. Don;t watch unless you want to laugh yourself into labor: http://www.dooce.com/2009/03/01/bizkit-sleep-walking-dog


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