February 6, 2009

Superbowl Sunday and Gizmotopia Design Inspiration

First of all thank you for all of your kind comments on my sleeping problem! Really, though, I’m ok. I didn’t mean to worry anyone! It was just kindof a fluke that things went down that way and I thought it was an amusing enough story to share…

So last time Pittsburgh was in the superbowl we made a whole thing of it. We even rioted! Here’s the post with the recap of our trip and here’s my feelings as a Cleveland fan about the whole thing. I still feel that way, btw. This time, however, the pregnant lady was “strongly encouraged not to travel.” We debated it… but in the end decided that me going was probably a dumb move. Especially since if I went into labor out of state my insurance wouldn’t cover it (this whole pregnancy thing? Has made me realize that insurance companies = bastards) Just because I’m stuck at home was no reason for Matt to miss out, though.

So his superbowl day looked like this:
Superbowl in Pittsburgh
Matt and his brother Joel at the bar before the game

Steelers Superbowl in Pittsburgh
The bar during the game

Steelers Superbowl in Pittsburgh
Carson St. after the game

Steelers Superbowl in Pittsburgh
Above the city after the game

My superbowl day looked like this:
Gizmotopia before
Yeah. That was the before. I don’t quite have after pics yet but I’m getting closer. My mom came over for the day and helped me deal. She painted while I organized. All of the baby clothes and linens are now de-tagged, washed, and organized by size. And can I just say that keeping the gender a surprise was a great decision? Because while I may not have any wee little outfits with matching shoes I have enough basic sleepers and onsies that I should be pretty set for the first 6 months or so of this kid’s life. Rock.

Also this burgundy wall:
Gizmotopia before
Is now stoplight red. Matt and I had decided months ago to go with bright, primary colors for Gizmotopia after learning that pastels are bull shit. Seriously. As cute as they are infants can’t see them. They only see in high contrast. So we’re rolling with that as the “theme”

Other details we have worked out… We’re going to hang this quilt that my aunt made for the baby on the wall behind the crib:
Baby Shower!
Pic from the baby shower… I really need to do a shower recap post because this was just one of many gorgeous handmade gifts. This kid is going to be so well loved!

It should look pretty stunning against the red. I bought some plain red fabric and some of the black with bright dots that’s in the quilt to make matching curtains, bumpers, etc. etc. for the rest of the room. My mom is on that task as my sewing abilities are complete crap. Actually she’s in Florida with my grandma now so they might be working on it as we speak!

Oh and the crib! Long story there… basically we found a crib we wanted but surprise, surprise it was WAY out of our price range (architects make no money but have very expensive tastes. It’s a bitch). So we registered for the cheap knock off at Babies ‘R Us. Then they discontinued the knock-off and the store was sold out after they specifically told me it was in stock. Many hours of internet time and a lot of frustration later and I found the original, designer crib that we loved at 50% off. It was still more than we originally intended to spend but in the end I think it’s completely worth it:
It’s called the Loom Crib (pretty fitting name for my kid's crib don’t you think?) and it’s even more stunning in person.

And one last fun little detail is the ceiling fan:
We fell in love with this fan back when we replaced the fan in our office… but were too cheap to actually buy it. However, considering how perfect it would be for a kid’s room we figured we’d wait until we had a kid and then justify it that way. I can’t wait to see how it actually looks in the room!

And with that I have to leave to DD for happy hour... Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Oooooooh! I can't wait to see the finished room. But really I want to see the finished BABY! LOL


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