March 4, 2009

Guess the gender/date contest!

So since my office is running a betting pool on the status of my womb I figured it would be fun to do one on here, too. Complete with fabulous prizes! So the contest is to guess two things:

Will this hat and booties have a pink ribbon or a blue one:
Baby Set

And when will this baby decide to make their grand entrance?

Don’t worry – I’m not going to make you guess uninformed. Here are some factors to consider based on the old wives tales I keep hearing about:

If you have lots of morning sickness it’s a girl, if you aren’t sick at all it’s a boy: OH THE PUKING. So this one goes solidly to the GIRL column.

Baby Set
The hat, btw, is another one of my leftover sockyarn mindless knits. It’s knit out of Fleece Artist Merino Sock leftover from my Spring Socks. I threw in some yarn overs to keep it interesting.

Girls steal your beauty boys enhance it, so if you look like crap it’s a girl and if you’re glowing it’s a boy: Um. Well… I think I can sum up my appearance during pregnancy with comment by a coworker: “Now that you don’t look like death anymore you’re glowing!” Plus I haven’t really had too many breakouts or any of that going on so yeah… we’ll call this for BOY.
Baby Set

If you crave salty food you’re having a boy, sweet food it’s a girl:
Where exactly do hamburgers fit into that? Really I haven’t had any crazy cravings – just an insatiable need for protein. If I don’t eat MEAT I get all jittery and unhappy. I went through a cheese phase for awhile…So I guess that’s salty? I have forced Matt to take me to get ice cream on several occasions… but that’s more of a “If I can’t drink I’m going to replace those calories with Malley’s” type of a situation. So I’m going to leave this one in the undecided column.

If you’re carrying low it’s a boy, high it’s a girl: I am carrying like this:
38 Weeks Pregnant
Pic taken on Monday at 38 weeks pregnant.

But we’re pretty sure the baby has dropped. For the whole series of belly shots you can check out the flickr gallery here. I don’t think I was carrying low or high – just wherever the kid would fit! So I’ll leave this one as undecided, too.
38 Weeks Pregnant
High? Low? More like anywhere and everywhere.

If dad to be gains weight it’s a boy, if not it’s a girl: Well despite my best efforts to fatten him up with a steady diet of hamburgers I think Matt has actually lost weight during this pregnancy. Of course that probably has more to do with the basketball team he’s on and the pilates classes he’s been taking than anything I’ve done but still. It’s not cool to weigh as much as your husband. So, sadly, this one goes into the GIRL column.
Baby Set
The booties are the stay on baby booties – same as I made for Jennifer. I ran out of the Fleece Artist so I used some basic, white, undyed for the tops. I think they turned out pretty cute! But clearly they need a ribbon.

There’s another old wives tale about your wedding ring on a string but that sounds like a lot of work… instead here's some other thoughts:

My mom immediately thought I was having a girl. Because she has always thought I would have a girl first. Since before I was even pregnant or married or any of it… and I have to say her mom spidey sense is usually pretty good. Dude! Will I get the crazy mom spidey sense when I become a mom? Because that would be AWESOME.

The coworkers betting pool is slanting to the boy column. So the people who see me every day think it’s a boy.
Baby Set
So then there’s the question of when…. Some dates to consider:

March 09: Matt’s birthday. This is also the day we keep telling the baby to come on… as in “stay in there until daddy’s birthday or we won’t have a kitchen for you to come home to!” Nine is also a number that shows up in Matt’s life a lot. His birthday is the 9th. He was married on the 9th. His first kid will be born in 2009. Etc. So there’s that.

March 11: This is the day I’ve thought the kid would be born since the beginning simply because 11 is my lucky number. Also there is a full moon that day and don’t full moons induce labor?
Baby Set
March 15: The due date. Less than 10% of babies are born on their actual due date but who knows? Gizmo may want to make the Caesar part of their name stick!

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day. My Grandma Bobbie right away said she thought the baby would be a St. Pat’s baby – and she’s usually right about stuff like that. She also declared that it would not rain on my wedding and despite some showers in the morning by the afternoon it was the most beautiful fall day you could imagine. Also 17 is a number that shows up in my family a lot. My birthday is the 17th, my parents’ anniversary is the 17th, and a bunch of my cousins also have a birthday on a 17th. Plus I packed this outfit as my going home outfit so I’m kindof hoping:
Baby Shower!
Shamrock on the butt = ADORABLE.

March 22: My brother’s birthday. Also the day we’ve been referring to as D-day since the beginning since if I’m still pregnant then they will induce.

So what do you guys think? Leave your guesses in the comments and I’ll come up with a fabulous prize for the winner… I’ll decide what exactly once this kid is here but it will probably involve a gift certificate somewhere and some chocolate. Or possibly yarn if the winner is a knitter!

Oh and I know there are quite a few family/friends types out there who read this but never comment - please do! I'd love to hear what you guys think is going to go down...


  1. I never get these things right so I hope I'm wrong because I'm going with the 17th (and I know you're wishing it will be earlier) and a little girl. Awww.

  2. First I thought girl, then I was convinced for about 7 months that it was a boy, but as of a few weeks ago I have switched back to girl. And what about Friday the 13th? That wouuld be an unusual birthday. However, I am going to go with a Girl on the 12th.

  3. I'm going with a boy on the 14th. Love the hat and booty set, it's gorgeous.

  4. A little girl, on March 8. The day before her daddy's birthday.
    Good luck! Finally shipping a package to little gizmo from Evan! :)

  5. I'm going with Girl, on Monday the 23rd.

    Thinking of you guys!

  6. I'm going with a girl, on the 11th, because I had Ash on the 13th, which is my lucky number :)

    I can't wait to meet Gizmo!!! I'm sooo sooooo soooooo excited for you to be a momma! And seriously...set my number to speed dial now cuz I will be there for you in a heartbeat for whatever you might need! Seriously. I'm just sayin'. xoxo

  7. i am going to say it's going to be a boy on the 6th.

    close, but you never know what'll happen. March 6 is my daughters birthday and my new baby's due date is Sept 6.

    I have a good feeling about this!

  8. What a cute and fun posts!! Was neat to read the wives tales all in one.

    I say a lttle gurl is on the way and they always say your 1st baby comes later so definitely after the 11th and if I "have" to pick the date then I will say St. Patty's day. (I used to date someone who was born on that day too!)

  9. I've had the feeling that Gizmo is a boy all along. Now as far as the date...HMMM I'm going for the 19th of March! Why..why not..

  10. LOL LOL! You know, all through my pregnancy, everyone, and I mean everyone including the nurse who drew my blood 2 days before birth swore I was having a boy. In fact, it was textbook boy - except that 2 ultrasounds confirmed all along that it was a girl.

    I'm guessing boy, and March 13th!

    By the way, I wish you the best of luck! You will be just fine, trust yourself, your body and the nurses/doctor. It will be the hardest thing but also the best thing you'll ever do! As we say in Portuguese, I wish you a short hour! A big big hug!! :-)

    P.S.- I'll be in Cleveland this weekend - any suggestions for baby shops/boutiques? :-)

  11. lindy8:21 AM

    I wasn't sick with a boy and deathly ill with my girl. I'm going for girl on the 18th!

  12. I wasn't sick at all and craved a ton of fruit and had a girl, I'm going with a BOY on the 10th, my sister's birthday.

  13. For no particular reason, I'm partial to the 14th for the little girl that I think you're having to be born.

    You'll have to give me your address. I might have a little somethin' for you and the baby!

  14. I'm with your mom, it's a girl! And even though I bet your gma is right, I'll go with Friday the 13th because I'm weird like that!

    Blessing for a health, quick delivery!

  15. I guess I will go with a baby boy born on March 15th. Which is a solid week before you are due (which is what happened to me) and perfect timing for him to come home on the 17th with a shamrock on his butt.

    (No matter what day and gender I am officially wishing you the best luck for a smooth quick labor and a healthy baby and mom throughout!!)

    Are you going to be at Fairview? I was at Hillcrest but they are both so known for their great maternity departments.

  16. Angela12:29 PM

    Nicknaming the kid Gizmo makes me think of a boy. Also, I think it will be the 22nd because there are a lot of 22nds in the Simonetti family.

  17. Hmmm well my gut feeling is a boy on the 14th..but a few have guessed that already..So why don't I say a boy on the 16th?
    By the way, I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I have really been enjoying the past 8 months or so and all the fun (and not so fun) pregnancy info.
    I found out in Dec. that I am also having a gizmo, so reading your posts give me a little reveal of things to come. =) Thanks!

  18. I say boy on the 16th. my aunt was sick as a dog the whole time with my boy cousin, so that is all hooey. i have felt boy the entire time.

    also, i think you think it will be early and i just don't believe that at all. i think he will be late.

    and nobody wants to share their birthday with someone--boo to that idea. not even twins want to do that!

  19. I'm going with a GIRL on the 21st. That being said, I'm sure you'll be having a boy...cause everyone I know has boys...I just want someone to have a girl!

  20. I am going to go with a boy and he'll be born on his due date! (Engineers are all about deadlines and being on time and such)

    He's gonna stick to the plan!

  21. Fun!

    I used to be freakishly good at guessing the sex. That streak has now been broken, pulverized, and buried, especially since I got my own kid wrong. You know already, though, don't you? I'd guess you're having a GIRL. But of course you can still put blue ribbon on the hat and booties ;)

    I'm guessing you'll give birth on March 13th, because I know 3 different people born on that day. But I've always been awful at guessing dates!

  22. Anonymous4:10 PM

    I'm gonna go with "girl" on March 13th. They say the first takes a while to pop out for most people. Just remember when its all said and done you'll have a beautiful bouncing watermelon.. I mean baby. You're welcome for the "bring back the coupons" website. The heat is on! Fight, fight, fight. Anyhow I just joined facebook and was looking for you there. You should join .. really fun. ;)

  23. Let's go with a boy on March 9th! (I was born on my dad's birthday, so your baby should be born on his dad's birthdate!)

  24. Annie5:48 PM

    Hi, Jean! Just for fun, I'm going to go with a boy on March 30th. Whatever "it" is, and whenever he/she decides to make the grand entrance, I wish you all the very best:)

  25. Well, I always talk myself out of following my first instincts but this time I am sticking with it. I think you will have a girl on March 10 just to establish her OWN special date. Anyday, either sex, we can't wait!!!

  26. Well, I'll try this again - I posted guess was boy on the 13th.

  27. Andrea10:28 PM

    Others have said it, but I've got to agree, I think a girl on St. Patty's Day. Boy or girl, I wish for you a healthy, beautiful baby and a smooth delivery. Good luck!

  28. At first I thought girl, but I'm always wrong on these guesses, so that means a boy. But now that I think boy, that makes Gizmo a a girl...wait, I've got myself really confused here. Hmmm, I SAY boy, on the 18th.

  29. RGill9:54 AM

    You're definitely in the home stretch - how exciting! My guess is a boy on the 18th. But there's no reason to not have the ribbon be pink - why not break some social norms!

  30. Hmmmm... I'm going to say boy on the 10th. That date's right smack in the middle of both your lucky dates, and isn't a kid the best of both of you? :) In which case I should probably guess hermaphrodite, but I'll stick with boy.

    Hehehe, "I'll stick with boy" , another song title for our Horny Melon Flesh band...

  31. how about march 20th the first day of SPRING!!!!

    I think the name verne would work for a boy or a girl....

    as someone who has a daughter, I wish for you a daughter as they are so WONDERFUL.....

    s/he will come when s/he wants to and not a second sooner!!! that is as long as you don't get induced!

    cute suit....

    regarding sex predictions I always put my faith in the draino test....

  32. I'm going to guess March 12th and a beautiful baby girl. You look great!!!

  33. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I am still counting on my little St. Patty's baby. Mar. 17th. I am guessing a little boy. But who cares. I will just be happy to have my first great-grand baby.
    Grandma Bobbie

  34. Anonymous10:24 PM

    I'm saying March 14th...
    Great Grandpa Barney's birthday....
    and a boy. I can't wait!!! :-)

    Aunt Sally

  35. I'm guessing a girl, since I had two boys and never got sick. I think she will be ready to see her new world on March 16th! Good luck! We are all very excited.

    Aunt Judy

  36. Good luck! I'd guess the 24th, a girl.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. I think it is a girl & she will enter this world on Monday the 15th



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